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Dark Knight Returns- Marker

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Another marker illo touched up with pencil and white, this time a scene from the classic 'Dark Knight Returns' comic series by Frank Miller.

Batman and Superman copyright © DC Comics
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Before Marvel (2012) Icon  universe, there was a DC Comics (2005-2012) Icon universe, sorry wrong movie universe opening, like Before Conjuring - Before Annabelle, there was a Nun (Crooked Man) movie-vibe
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amesjeff12Hobbyist General Artist
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NiseiNinjaProfessional Filmographer
The announcement was made for the next Superman man flick to feature Batman. Can't wait!
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Awesome love the comic book
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This is wonderful! Only thing missing is the Batman logo on the chest, but you made this one really epic, well done!
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Another epic piece. Frank Miller is probably one of my most favorite comic book artists
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justblahProfessional Traditional Artist
holly hsit ths is cool! its the first time EVER, that when i look at folds on clothes i think " holly shit! thats exactly how they would fold!" and then i get the tingles cuz thats when it kicks in that you cant possibly be human.
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Beautiful work. Love the textures you create with the markers.
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mookiejrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very well done.
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AdobewanProfessional Digital Artist
Great textures throughout Batman's uniform.
Faithful to the primitive/cartoony source but rendered representationally.
Really an enjoyable piece!

I imagine any fan of the book would love this.
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I love that line Bats says in the fight"
"We used to be heroes, now look at us. I've become a political liability. And you? You're a joke."
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EricSchockProfessional Digital Artist
Nice work!
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One of my favorite moments in comics. Very well done.
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This is beautiful
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JoeyVazquezProfessional General Artist
It would be awesome to see you do a Master Chief and make the armor look exactly like bat mans armor. Just a suggestion. Wish I had money I would get that. :D
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sebasr40Professional Digital Artist

all a classic!
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Holy f*ck this is gorgeous. I LOVE your marker work.
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Limbo4everHobbyist Traditional Artist
really nice!!
can I ask you how do you realise the scratchy effect on metal parts like gloves and helmet???
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LukeHorsmanProfessional Traditional Artist
Love how you've manges to keep that miller style in there while stamping your own on it, great work
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c'mon batman! Hit him! ò.ó
that battle was so epic

amazing job

i really like how you made the metal look like real metal
its crazy how you do this
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ledainStudent Digital Artist
Great! your techinique looks flawless, and great take on that particular scene.
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great scene, from my favorite graphic novel ever... it may be blasphemy to say this, but I like your rendition better than the. original... awesome piece.
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