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Dark Knight Returns

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As an 80's kid and huge Batman fan, DKR was a big deal to me, so on the few occasions I've been asked to draw Bats in his armor suit have all been a treat for me. I'm very curious to see how the film handles this material. I never thought there would be a major Hollywood film that actually recreated this story or was even inspired by it. Crazy times. 

Prismacolor and Copic marker with watercolor on bristol board
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This is outstanding — the helicopters behind him, the Batmobile beneath him — all of it.

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"they only want me dead because im an embarrassment, because i do what they cant, What Kind Of Authority Is That!?!"
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Are those... hocky pads?
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amazing style!!!!
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the other night I had a dream where there where 2 batmans and one of them looked just like this except with a metal chest plate with a bat-logo on it as if drawn by the punisher haha
But I'm really happy to find this art now as my own attempt failed :D
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This is easily one of the best (my favorite anyways) renditions of Dark Knight Ruturns artwork I've ever seen. I'm envious as hell. Also had to make an account just to say that. Really something exceptional.
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I appreciate that. Thanks!
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One word....'Fantastic!'
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I like your lighting on the metal. This arm make me thing of Hellboy. Did you ever try him ?
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Thanks, I've done a bunch of Hellboys in the past. He's a lot of fun.
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Gonna have to search your gallerie deeper.
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I love the style in this! Its crazy! It has a sort of Noir feel to it. It looks like I'm watching a WWII film directed by Clint Eastwood or something.
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Fantastic!! Great job!
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Tres jolie bravo :)
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Dude,  that is just too cool!
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Love the animated version as well.
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Simply genial!!!
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style reminds me of Travis Charest
great work
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I was thinking the same. Anyway, this artist has his own style, which is really awesome.
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