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Man, this one was a treat. Not only did I get to draw the badass Conquest from Invincible, but I did it for Ryan Ottley! How cool's that?! Ryan rocked every shot he's done of Conquest, so that was the hard part. Trying to do this character justice!

Prismacolor cool greys, Copic cool greys, white color pencil and water color paint on bristol board

Conquest © Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley
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© 2010 - 2020 ChristopherStevens
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this is very cool and that fact that it was for Ryan was totally amazing what i really love about it and your style in general is the lack of lines to distinguish shape but rather color or tone totally wicked.
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very cool sci fi vibe on his suit!

i hope they kill this bastard...(I KNOW, I KNOW! the last issue i read was when he wrecks the spaceship in viltrumite war 1, don''t spoil anything!)

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I'm a big Invincible fan and you've done this great character justice!!
You rock!
Are you not already working in the field? You certainly should be!!

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my goodness, man! why are ya bringing the hurt! we gotta lick our wounds first....
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Hehe, thanks man. I'll see you soon at Heroes:) Will you have your new sketchbook by then or is that an SDCC exclusive?
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Sick job on the shadows! I love the part where the light and shadow falls on his leg. Awesome choice of character too.
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Thanks. Can't take credit for the choice though. It's what he asked for hehe. I was happy to do it though.
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I love this work!! Sooo beautiful, your brush work is stunning!
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more hot fire, love this man=]
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Damn good job. I love the detail in the debris.
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you, sir, are a bad mamma jamma
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I like this style, although we prefer the style of Japan and South Korea in China, but I believe I can be successful in this hardcore style!
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Brilliant work mate!!!! Your art rocks big time!!!!
Your shading is super duper mate!!!
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It sure is a beauty!
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You can tell you always put your all in your work man. It shows:nod:
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You knows I fuggin' luvs it!
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Thanks! That's alls that matters!
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I bet a fleet of ambulances are never far behind this guy. :)
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damn chris! great lighting, love the rocks man, also always like seeing the way you do ribcages.
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