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Another full size inked commission piece, this one of Colossus from the X-Men

Colossus copyright © Marvel Comics
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© 2009 - 2021 ChristopherStevens
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Your lines and shading blow me away. Plus Colossus Rocks.
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This is so beautiful! WOW!
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Colossus is my favorite X-Man. You've captured his awesomeness perfectly.
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He's my favorite too!
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Rhodes, Iron Giant, IronMan, Steel-Fist. Jeez, Piotr can easily have the biggest roster of nicknames in the whole of the X-Men. (Hulk wins by his Not-So-Jolly Green giant title ^^)
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Excellent work! The detail is just wonderful!

By thy side,

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Great work with the lines and shadowns!
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This character is a real paint to draw and you did it well ! I like the metalic effects. Realistic and stylised at the same time.
Good job.
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Awsome with a capital "A"
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OK...that is awesome!
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i made color of this draw,you can see it on my deviant
i hope you like it
one of the best ive seen
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The Russian says "buy this book" - really should be a cover!
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