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Captain of the Wastelands

I had this idea of a post apocalyptic Captain America and needed to paint him. I even thought about doing a series of these with different super heroes in the wasteland theme. Two of my favorite subjects mixed. I was trying some desaturation things on this one and playing with warm and cool (my favorite color contrast). This was a fun one.

Oils on Masonite
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I like the concept of this and think it would be awesome if Marvel did an "Old Man Logan" type post-apocalyptic story that instead focused on Cap. I know he was featured in that "Earth X" alternate universe storyline where he had aged, yet still that was years ago and I could see them doing something similar, yet new with him years later.
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please more of this? I would love to
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Stunning work! It inspired us over at Makes Me Wanna Write - makes-me-wanna-write.blogspot.… - enjoy! We fully credited you for the art, of course! :D
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What Ghostb said
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Excellent - feels like those Eerie Comics covers back in the day!
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something like The Toxic Avenger ( joke)
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Pure WOW!!!!
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Pretty damn awesome!
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This idea would make an awesome role playing game.
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awesome and superb
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This is incredible! I love everything about it.
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I appreciate that. Thanks!
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Holy farck!!! This is mind-blowingly good.
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I thought for a moment in the thumbnail that he was showing off his mid-drift. Abs of Freedom indeed.
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Cool. Looks like you have a spice of Frazetta in there with that pyramid shape. At least that is what struck me right off the bat.
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i love how you mix your inspirations (Travis Charest and Mignola)
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Hi Christopher, big fan, your marker renderings, out of this worls man...i love this piece, even though i would have inverted the tonal mood, cold tones for cap ( something about the red uniform just takes me away from the character) and warmer for the ambiance, for some reason i imagine the wastelands as a warmish place, any way, i love your concept idea and i wanted to ask you if you would mind if i take it and produce some versiones of my own????, of course i would share all of them with you , i just love the idea!!!
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Love the concept and beautifully executed.
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