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Black Cat and Spidey 2

This was something I started for the other Spidey and Black Cat piece, but abandoned it halfway through. That happens sometimes. When I went back to it later, I didn't think it was looking too bad. After finishing the other one, I decided to go ahead and finish it.
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YasSmash's avatar
the hair and claw just got me. Love it.
toppa23's avatar
very sexy..............great work
Graymalkin2112's avatar
Great Piece!!! Everything about it!!!
TheArtributor's avatar
I love the foreground/background foreplay.  Strong use of shadows and angles.
Lightdasher360's avatar
Looks great, I love the shades.
Mendicant's avatar
Neato. From the last few Spidy pics you've posted, I think you're leaning towards narrow eyes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :D
saucypirate's avatar
Ah, I love your style! I really like how her costume looks natural, like it would in real life (specifically around the boobs, hehe). The colouring is just absolutely wonderful too. <3 
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Thanks! I'm really happy with the boobs on this one. I never get them quite right, but these have a nice shape and hang just enough to look believable, but not be a distraction. It's hard to do that heh. 
ofGlamis's avatar
Looks like it turned out great. Glad you went back to it.
BaneNascent's avatar
I really like this. Even though it's unfinished if I saw this as the cover of a Spidey comic I'd be pulled into picking it up.
RandyGreen's avatar
Wow, man! Really beautiful!
HylaTracyII's avatar
Beautiful. Love the textures. :)
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Fabulous work!! 
AJNazzaro's avatar
Glad to see you back at it brother!
ChristopherStevens's avatar
These are a bit older, but thanks. I've been trying to get back on track.
jets's avatar
That is solid.
goduvthundr76's avatar
wow, awesome sir!!!
BringerOfStorms's avatar
Very nice work Chris.  I think I actually prefer this one to the other.  

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