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Bats Devil and Spider

It's still surprising to me that I've never been asked to do a Spider-Man or Daredevil commission. I've been asked to include them in pieces, but never solo images. Weird, right? I'm still trying to find my take on Spidey. Narrow eyes or round? I like both, so I go back and forth on it. Batman is another work in progress. He's possibly the most flexible character design of all time. He can (and has) been interpreted in so many different ways and it still works when it's well done. This is a pretty straight forward take on Bats and DD, but I did like doing these. I was getting some rust out after being away from my board for so long.

Prismacolors and watercolor on vellum bristol board
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Love your work!
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love your style!!!
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undeniably cool!
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I would love to have the DD or Spidey one by themselves.
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Very nice, your Batman here looks very reminiscent of the model Alex Ross uses.

I love the eyes on Spiderman too, though I have to ask about the shading.  With the webbing, do you shade the base before adding them on top or have you already drawn them out before the shading?
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Thanks, yeah I did seem to channel Ross on that Bats for some reason. 

I do the markers in layers. After the first layer, I inked the web lines and the second layer of marker was after that.
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Ahh, smart!

Though I'm no good with markers, it's amazing to see how good your work is with them!  I need to practice hard.
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I frickin LOVE that Spider-Man and I really do not like the character! But that piece/figure is great!
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Thanks. I think it works better than most of my previous attempts at Spidey.
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this is amazing, love your take on spiderman and usualyy I'm a fan of the big eyed spiderman but this version but this fit the context much better ALSO love what you did with the framing in the background. How do you do this with markers? @.@
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Thanks. I go back and forth on the eyes. Still not sure which I like better.
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i like narrow. i kinda feel that this is too narrow though. still great though. i think this new david rapoza piece nails the eyes.…
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The Presentation with the persona of the character in mind.
The detail and interesting take on the design of each character.
And as always the top notch shading and lighting with the prismacolours.

Awesome everything.
Thanks for sharing and keep these mad skillz up ;)
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these are great! strong design layout to capture the characters! good job!
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outstanding!!! *0*
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