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Batman Under Gargoyle

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For the soon to be legendary "Batman on Gargoyle" collection of Aric Shapiro. He's got an unbelievable collection spanning nearly every comic artist you can think of. For mine, I decided to change it up a bit and go under the gargoyle. I love Batman, so this was a pleasure. I still haven't decided on how I want my Batman to look, but one of the great thing about Bats is that his basic design is so flexible that you can take it in almost any direction and it'll still work. I'd like to push the design a bit more in the future, but I was really trying to be iconic on this one.

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NandsartHobbyist Digital Artist
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2bRealwithu Digital Artist
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wow!! great work!!:  ]
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Colourful-Crampton Digital Artist
Brilliant piece i love your palette choice
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Shebadu24Hobbyist General Artist
Just... Wow! Love the pose and colors!!
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RadioactiveSpineStudent Writer
such a dynamic pose for everyone's favorite half of the dynamic duo!
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DracowormArtHobbyist Filmographer
Fantastic! :D
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ArteDigitalSAStudent General Artist
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BefferyProfessional Writer
You succeeded! Very iconic! Beautiful, awesome work!
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K00MERProfessional Filmographer
Wow, stunning as usual.  I've been following your work for years so I really should know this but, are you working digital in PS or Painter or traditional with gouache, watercolor, colored pencil, etc?  If it's digital you had me fooled.
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Thanks. All traditional these days. Markers and watercolor here.
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anthonyhailesHobbyist Artist
This is incredible, the form on the arms and torso is fantastic!
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Also like the design and size of the musculature!
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Great piece!
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InakiShinrouHobbyist Digital Artist
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MicahJGunnellProfessional Filmographer
This is fantastic! I always marvel at your ability to transition your tones so smoothly! Also, the anatomy on this is really great, especially that right leg.
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Thank you very much!
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MicahJGunnellProfessional Filmographer
Welcome! :)
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RosshvidstenStudent General Artist
Nice work! There's something really appealing in your design and composition.
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KorosukiProfessional Digital Artist
Never thought about mixing water color and markers, but wow do you nail that technique!  Love this, especially the little details of the bats flying from the moon.
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JRettbergProfessional Digital Artist
God, I love your brushwork. And the way you designed this piece is so good. Love some of the curves you have in here.
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