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Baron Karza

I wasn't familiar with Micronauts or Baron Karza, but I liked the funky design this guy had, so it was fun to do. I made a few minor changes to him, but nothing that's too off I don't think.

Prisma/Copic markers, white paint and color pencil on vwllum bristol board

Baron Karza © Marvel Comics? Not sure if it's Marvel or some toy company.
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a little Micronauts action, awesome!
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that's awesome and very reminiscent of great fantasy artists like Ken Kelly and Frank Frazetta.
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Great Job on Baron Karza! He had a counterpart in white, that'd be a great contrasting piece.. :)
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That is awesome man!
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incredible design and art!
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Considering that you had no familiarity with the source material, you did an excellent job with the illustration.
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Awesome pose and gesture-i love that front hand. And the way u do different materials (flesh/iron/wood) is increadible. You should make a video with some basic techniques (nod)
Cheers dude :)
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That is one crazy-looking character. As always, you're sense of form is impeccable. The figure has such weight to it.
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Very, Very nice my friend.
Awesome. You really brought this character into the 21st century!
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I generally don't care about this Micronauts guy, er whatever, but your art just makes it amazing! I would love to see you do comic pages like THIS, all black and white, traditional markers. If you won't, then I will.
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Thanks. I do want to do pages like this, but I'm awfully lazy. You might have to beat me to it:)
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HO. LEE. SHIT!!!!! This is KILLER!!!!!!!!! More EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just one word: Glorious!
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Thank you so much...
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love the comp of you pieces - great flow and nothing gets lost - very slick
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That is awesome! I loved Micronauts as a kid. Been thinking about doing some sort of drawing myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Fun!

Also, Michael Golden did the art chores on the first 12 issues. Definitely worth checking out if you can get your hands on 'em!
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speaking of The Micronauts did you hear?…
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