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I've enjoyed hundreds of games but the first game that

I "fell in love with" was City of Heroes back in early 2005

Feel the Burn
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Just a quick note to highlight that Flashtoo aka :iconplangkye: is having a sale on commissions.
These are all digital and more simplified colors but they are ½ her normal prices.


More examples can be found in her gallery or her Homecoming thread here --->…

Of course her regular stuff is still available if you want the full effect. Check it out!

Kyra Stewart, Runaway Conduit by plangkye    Commission - Shadeknight by plangkye    Commission - Izraeh Wayfarer by plangkye    Commission - Indusdryad by plangkye

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Just a note to let people know that my friend :icondarth-delicious: is having a 50% sale with a limited number of slots available.
She has a new style she is working in that I quite fancy. It looks to be a first come first served basis so
if you like what you see you should definitely reserve a spot quick, I got mine. :)

What I'm getting is a set of (hopefully 4) busts of my main City of Heroes characters, got the first already and I love eeeet! :D

Brahn Fuhrnos by Darth-Delicious

Here is another that she drew in that same style only this time it was lineart requested and I supplied the colors.

Chernobyl Dawn by ChristopherRobinArtz

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The DD Sale!

1 min read
Just a quick heads up to let you guys know that :icondarth-delicious:
my great friend Darth Delicious is having a sale on commissions.
You should definitely head on over to her gallery (which is here) and take a peek.

I have purchased commissions from her on more than one occasion
and I have always been thoroughly pleased with the results
and at these prices it's a steal for the quality you get.

<da:thumb id="664476033"/>

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1.  How long have you been on DeviantArt?

        The little widgety-thingamabob says 5 years.

2.  What does your username mean?

        Well Christopher clearly means awesome and Robin is a bird with an orange breast so it
        must mean Awesome Bird with Orange Breasts... or it's just my name.

3.  Describe yourself in three words.

         Creative. Perspicacious. Agnostic.

4.  Are you left or right handed?

       Which one is on the right again?

5.  What was your first deviation?
       Well it's been reposted since but I believe it was this drawing of Caemgen's :iconkaemgen: eponymous City of heroes character.
        I'm fair certain it was the first art ever done of any of his characters and though he's had hundreds more
        commissioned since then it's still his avatar most places that he exists online.

Caemgen Pencil Sketch by ChristopherRobinArtz

6.  What is your favorite type of art to create?

         Traditional pencil art. Though I am starting to appreciate all the things digital coloring can do.

7.  If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

        A much more realistic looking form of Comic Book Art.

8.  What was your first favorite?

        Well it's no longer in my faves because the artist took down most of his gallery here on DA but it was a piece
        by Bobby Aquitania which you can still see on his Wix page here. --->…

9.  What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

        I'm kind of all over the place with favorites ranging from StarWars portrait paintings to
        Dragons carved in soap. Mostly likely though it is any art relating to City of Heroes.

10.  Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

        Favorite piece of art? Impossible to choose! Favorite artist (the person)? That's easy. :icondarth-delicious:

11.  If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

        Well that would depend on what I am meeting them for. =p
        If I were getting artz lessons it would most likely be Sakimichan. :iconsakimichan:
        If it was just to hang out and talk shop over a bite then maybe Adam Hughes. :iconadamhughes:  I'll bet he'd have some cool stories to tell.

12.  How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

        So many artists here have had an impact but most have so many more vocal people following them that they most likely will never know it.
        The one deviant here who had the most direct impact on me artistically though would probably be Bobby Aquitania. :iconbaquitania:
        He really inspired me to pick up the pencil and start drawing again after an 8 year hiatus. Thanks again brother. :)

13.  What are your preferred tools to create art?

        My trusty mechanical pencil with 2b lead, a Parker Jotter ink pen and my Wacom intuos 3 tablet.

14.  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

        Don't really think there is such a thing for me (or I have yet to find it). With paper and pencil I can draw pretty much anywhere.
        With my tablet I draw in my computer room... nothing particularly inspirational about it, that's just where my stuff is.

15.  What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

        That would definitely be the first Daily Deviation I ever received!

         ...oh wait,

         ...I still don't have one of those

         ...nevermind. :P


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