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The story of TTNG is this: The game takes place after the closure of Toontown Online. Cogs (evil business robots) have taken over Toontown. This forces Toons (cartoon creatures) to move out. Flippy Junior, son of the original Flippy, found a plot of land and begins to change it. Everyone pitch in and renovated the place, too. Pooh Bear added a place where he can have all the “Hunny” he can eat. Mr. Incredible added a village where superheroes can roam free. Tarzan added a series of jungle treehouses. And Jack Skellington added a city where holidays can mingle. And everyone else added cities, towns, and villages to their liking. Cogs heard of this new land, called New Toontown, and tries to take over. Since Cogs can’t take a joke, Toons fight back with gags. Lawbots (cogs specializing in law) responded with the creation of Law-Enforcement Mode Cogs, which are Cashbots, Bossbots, and Sellbots who wear Lawbot suits and attack with law terms. The story begins here.
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