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Set after the closure of  Toontown Online, the story of TTI is this: After Cogs took over Toontown, the Toons are forced to move out. Donald Duck gives the Toons a ride on his boat. Toons now live on an island they called Tooney Island. They renovated the place to their liking; Pooh Bear added a place where he can have all the "Hunny" he can eat. Mr. Incredible added a sanctuary where superheroes can hang out. Tarzan added a jungle villa. Jack Skelington added a city where holidays can mingle. And Woody and Buzz Lightyear added a place where the toys can play. Hearing of this, Cogs began invading the new island. Flippy Jr., the son of the original Flippy, announced as mayor that the Toons should fight back with Gags, since Cogs can't take a joke. The Chairman doesn't like this and needs a way of countering the Toons. A new Type of Cogs called Stockbots (Cogs that serve as stock characters) arrived claiming to be the solution to their problem. The story begins here.
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