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It's pronounced "yorb"'s a Swedish thing ;)

Thanks for looking...hope ya liked it :)

Apophysis 2.06c 3D Hack
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ripper, thanks!!
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This awesome fractal has been featured as one of my favourite fractal pieces of all time. The feature is separated into parts, so you may have more than one piece featured during this. Thank you for inspiring me to continue making art of my own. :glomp:
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I've featured this beautiful piece of art in my journal here: [link]

Pls let me know if you dont want to be featured!

:heart: Satu
it's like a orb of Magic. :heart:
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how did you get it to do a big bubble without flattening the little ones?
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thats incredible! :wow:

how did you do that?? :?
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e x c e l l e n t ! :wow:
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Wild!! Neat flame! How'd you get this shape using the Apo3D?? I haven't gotten anywhere close there any particular variation that you use for a starter flame?? I just have random & linear checked for the variations. :D
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Well, I start by creating a grand julian...and there's lots of good tutorials on that. After that you can take a look at `DragonWinter's 3D tutorial in her scraps gallery. From that, and from trying different things, I developed some skills for 3D grand julians. Then I applied the 3D curl variation on the final transform for this one.

Thank you, btw!
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Do you apply 3D curl exclusively or is there still some Linear 3D in the final transform?
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Thanks for the help! Guess I have a lot of playing to do, yet! I've gotten some mixed results using the curl, but still neat!! I've been messing with the 3D Bubbles and mixing it with the 3D Grand Julian with some good results, too. Now I'm playing around a bit with the 3D Wizard Soup script, as well. Lots of new toys...LOL :D I've wasted 2 whole days playing...what an addiction...!! :rofl: :D
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Excellent work, I'm speechless (quite a feat).
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*looks at your feet*....Indeed! :D Thank you :)
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Wow. Wonderfull Fractal. Greatzzzzzzzz :+fav: :)
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I want to know how you make these things. :( I like this one a lot, but I still can't get Apo3D to do anything good.
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Have you tried reading `DragonWinter's 3D tutorial in her scraps gallery?
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It didn't help me. I gave up on it.
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I can't figure out how to make 3D work... but that's WICKED AWESOME. Seriously. That doesn't even LOOK like a fractal, it's so controlled and... pretty!
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Thank you :)

BTW....check out `DragonWinter's 3D tutorial in her scraps gallery. :)
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I'd count this as a marble ;) and a fab one at that.
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makes me think of some sort of insane alien space war bomb of crazyness or somthing awsome like that because of how awsome it looks.....
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