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character art for phoenix studios. 
Christopher Onciu - concept artist/illustrator
[Creature/Character design/illustration, 3D modeling/texturing/animating] 

*please do not use, trace, or photobash my works or repost without source link
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A really well done way to draw sword user characters like this one! Such style in this piece is great! I truly hope you'll make much more characters in certain action poses you know? Fear not, it is but a suggestion really. What I also and highly recommend is you keep doing what you been doing overall.

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may I please promote your work on my site?
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Ah man, I really dig your colouring! Nice design.
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Awesome design on the armor! Very nice pose as well! :D
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Like the armor design
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thanks, this is a base job class so wanted a more lethal and less plate.
sort of a mercenary/sellsword backstory, has seen battle but not an elite swordsman etc.

and of course in a japanese fantasy aesthetic lol   
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ty ty ^_^
I am since I had to transition to a japanese art style for the japanese indie studio I work with... yeesh...
most people think anime is easier than painterly but its not lol
executing anime art well is more delicate and TIME CONSUMING!
but I love it :)
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Cool character (=
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That's so awesome
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