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Dr. nefario experiments on the Minions

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just saw the contest yesterday (talk about last minute)
it may be a quicky but I really enjoyed painting in this style,
hope you all found this illustration amusing!

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What was he going for?
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i like green minion its hilarious
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Lol unicorn minion.its so fluffy i'm gonna die!*dies
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What did the minions turned into?
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They Are awesome! Please make a Second Part :D
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Oh. HAHA!This is funny! XD
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Great imagination with the characters and their reactions! I love the whole kind of panoramic view of the portion of the lab and I like that one minion experiment was a unicorn creature :D  haha! Dr. Nefario at his best ;D very creative overall. Good job and congratz!
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Congrats on winning! I love it :D
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CONGRATS! Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay 
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Can you make minions that look like pop stars? 😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃
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Or can you make the minions look like the girls from despicable me?
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Congratulations on winning!! This is simply amazing and oh so cute!!
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So awesome, love their expressions and you use of colours! :wow:
A big congrats on winning!
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Really cool! Nice job winning!
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