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my take on Cthulhu
time lapse video here…

Christopher Onciu - Concept Artist / Illustrator / 3D Developer
skillsets: Creature/Character design/illustration and 3D modeling/texturing/animating .
Gear: Cintiq 24HD & Photoshop 

*please do not use, trace, or photobash my works or repost without source link
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Wicked amazing!

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The more I look at this the more I love it! This drawing has really inspired me; there elements of it I would like to incorporate into a drawing of the old D&D demon Demogorgon.
Artists lately have given him to much of a mammalian look in my opinion and I would like to do a more reptilian and cephalopod version. This is the kind of look I was thinking of. I won't just blatantly rip it off of course, but this does have the feel I was looking for. When I get it done I'll put link to this pic and thanks for the inspiration.
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Glad you like it, and thank you for crediting artists :) 
Means a lot!
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now that is a bad-ass Cthulhu right there
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Cool, but i'm not crazy yet.
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Can't capture it in a photo
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I saw his work in deviant home,  and as i'm a creature illustrator this is amazing for me.
I thought: "i need see one speedpainting of this man..." and in descripition the hope! \Ô/

Sorry my english, continue uploading arts. +1watch
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A nice take, then! Love the color change, even if Lovecraft said it was green... And the design is pretty cool and original, yet kaiju-ish. Well done.
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this forms are S E X Y
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Can I borrow your talent for a day or two? 
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I like how the bottom jaw is just a lot of spiky tentacles
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So much amazing.  And this is just as valid a depiction based on the description in the story as the giant octopus-baby with wings that most people think of!  Amazing.
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This is amazing.
At first I thought you'd used a 3D modeler and painted on top of a screen-grab, but this looks amazing and it's all the more impressive knowing that this is completely 2D. 
The colours work wonderfully together.
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ty ty :) 
did you watch the video in the description?
ChucklingDevil's avatar
Yes I did! Not to worry, it quickly made its way into my favourites folder.
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This is one of the best versions of Cthulu I've seen in a long while, though he's a bit short on the eyes.
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Damn such an incredible design here. Beautiful work!
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This could be a Magic Card
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Thanks so much for the time lapse, really informative. I've watched it like.... 5 times? Please do more!
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Probably the most unique take on Cthulhu that I've seen to date. Nicely done.
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Nice work!  You should make a Patreon site or something ^^
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Awesome work, man!
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