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Advancement of Human Weaponry

Infographics done for Advancement of Human Weaponry.

I am trying to show a contrast but subtly telling the viewers that as we advance (high rise) humans are eliminated in their contribution in war. It's all about the politics nowadays. Sad to say wars are done just by a push of a button nowadays.

done in Illustrator CS5
1 week.

Featured in Abduzeedo.
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Oddly enough, the further we move from the cold war, the further we've moved away from "push-button" warfare. Despite the massive bombing campaigns of WW2, and the United States' attempts to win Iraq from the air, we've seen more and more of a return to boots on the ground as the deciding factor in a conflict.
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I do agree but I would not dismiss the usage and power our modern day weapons have even though we are slowing moving away from it. Nobody wants war and the people who do, have never been to one and who knows what the future of warfare holds.
Cool, but i would have used a Pzkpfw Tiger, instead of a Grille.
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That would be a good idea too!
good timeline and places icons
thank you for your hard work :)
welcome to my infographics:…
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Interesting Infographics you have there and thanks for the comments!
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That's some scary stuff...
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I know. Especially when you put it to visuals it makes it quite scary. 
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wow awesome. Did you make any references when you're creating the vector art?
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I didn't manage to type out the references because it's all in a presentation kit. Done for college.
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Great work on the infographic! Inspirational.

However, your comment, "Sad to say wars are done just by a push of a button nowadays." seems a bit off. Are you sad because we don't kill humans as much as we used to? We have better technology to minimize the loss to achieve our political agendas, as I'm sure you're aware. I don't see a contrast in your infographic, only a harmony. We get smarter and kill less.

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First of all, thanks for your feedback!

"Sad to say wars are done just by a push of a button" = War can happen at anytime and anywhere. I'm saying I'm sad because it's not fair. Within a few seconds a country or a nation can vanish.

Now what I meant in the infographic and what I said can be abit subjective. You see because of technological advancements in human weaponry, lots of countries are afraid of using them as they are powerful things that kill lots and lots of people. The fear here somewhat "STOPS" war but creates a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty about the future.

And for the infographic, I intended to create a harmony. The population of the world increases day by day. To date nothing really devastating has happened (In terms of war not natural disasters)

Hope this answers.
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Thanks! I'm happy this attracted you!
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Why is it so true D8 LOLOL I love this, osm and LOL KLCC :iconhurrplz:
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This is an excellent, well thought out and executed graphic. A powerful message as well, and I hope to see this in the news or in a textbook on the consequences of war and technology.

Great job!
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Cool! Brilliant concept :thumbsup:
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Niiiiice. But why KLCC? xD
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Haha cause I believe it's Iconic.
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