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ImageA Sacred Gift (NMA) by ChristopherDavies ImageA Sacred Gift (NMA) :iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 14 0
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LotG: The Curse. Chapt. One Firae :iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 0 0
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Equine Language Translation Guide
Sal Feh Dae:  Unrelenting Force
Sal:  Force
Feh:  Balance
Dae:  Push
Lechro:  Leave
Daer:  Reaper
Falros:  Silence
Sae:  Yes
Equine:  Horse
Kyrie:  No
Rhael:  Blooded
Equinerhael:  Horse-blooded
Descrae:  Leviathan
Sire:  Father
Dam:  Mother
Pael:  Humankind
Paelros:  Derogatory word for Human
Devey:  Murderer
Dev:  Murder
Fal:  A
Fin:  The
Ces:  On
Fi:  Loose
Fasae:  Dead
Fas:  Death
Faid:  Die
Cru:  Did
Craef:  He
Sahf:  She
Crlee:  Now
Shul:  Not
Ronit:  Point
Tor:  Do
Nau:  Stand
Vaeth:  Who
Diin:  Swift
Thrae:  Are
Syleyk:  Still
Krii:  Am
Vul:  Time
Kraen:  Broken
Voth:  Run
Lun:  Going
Ahlz:  Finish
Gross:  Leg
Vaal:  As
Aus:  Hurt
Nul:  Let
Vaen:  Speak
Sarine:  Beautiful
Yr:  Me
Nok:  Wake
Od:  Get
Jot:  Possibl
:iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 3 2
Silfeyn by ChristopherDavies Silfeyn :iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 5 4
Animal Farm TATT: Chapter 6: Training. Boxer's POV
Boxer, wake up!

I stand upon hearing my name again and look around.  A gray Andalucian Mare with deep blue eyes is looking into my stall from her stall.  Her mane, tail and coat are silver, her slightly darker muzzle, graced with a content smile.
“You’re awake!  How do you feel?”  she asks.
“Mollie?”  Napoleon told us she was dead.
Mollie’s smile grows wider and she nods her head.
“I had a feeling I’d see you again, Boxer.”
“Where am I?”
“At the Garrison.”
“What happened to me?”
“What do you remember?”
I close my eyes and try to concentrate.
“I remember being in a van with letters on the side pulled by two other Horses.  When the van pulled away from the farm, everyone was shouting.  Clover was in front and Benjamin was right behind her.  Clover was crying out to me in a terrible voice, saying they were taking me to my death.  I tried to kick my way out but
:iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 2 0
The Legend of the Garrison: The Sacred Blade
Chapter One:  Hatred
Sarine's Point of View
"Vae wuld seh nah kro craefae frosae!"  my Sire shouts at me.
"Lok, Sire-"  I plead.
"Los, Sire!"

Apache whirls around and lashes out with fury.  The blow sends me sprawling.
"Lechro y kros!"
I stand up and, ignoring the throbbing pain in my now blood-soaked muzzle, walk away.
"Vae fell seh!"
 I cry as I gallop away from my "Sire".
I can feel his amber gaze burn into the back of my skull like a Flame.  I whirl around.
"Vae sol seh krae fasae!"
The air is filled with a pregnant silence.  Apache stares at me, his glowing amber eyes widen in shock.  And pain.  And then, it hits me.
"Od ah fos viing."
"Sire, Vae-"
"Lechro, Sarine!"
 he cries as he sheds a tear.
I gallop away from the only Life I had.  I gallop to the Grael River and look down at my reflection.
I wish you were dead.
How could I have
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Lily by ChristopherDavies Lily :iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 10 127 Dancing On A Volcano by ChristopherDavies Dancing On A Volcano :iconchristopherdavies:ChristopherDavies 0 0
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