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An unofficial anatomical art project, re-imagining the entire second generation through the lens of modern biology. This fan-made book will never be sold in stores, and there will only be a single limited print run in 2023.

This book is over contains over 160 scientific illustrations covering all 100 of the second generation, with full page anatomical illustrations for each entry as well as detailed descriptions of their biology, behavior, and abilities.

It is suitable for all ages but designed to be most comprehensible for ages 15+

This book is designed to clarify and explain diverse scientific concepts like DNA, body systems, hereditary traits, and adaptation all through the wonder and weirdness of these classic characters!

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If you enjoy my work, follow me on Instagram to see weekly posts of new creatures, concepts, and anatomy art.
Also enjoy bi-weekly giveaways of posters, books, and commissions slots. On Instagram you can follow my convention appearance schedule, and get inside info on upcoming books, kickstarters, and other projects! 

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Hey everyone, I'll be at booth #264 at the Denver Comic Con on June 15-17! If you’re in the area come by and see me, don’t be shy! I’ll have all three of my books for sale, along with tons of fan-art anatomy posters and other goodies!
I’m always excited to meet fans and fellow artists.
If you’ve got time we can hang out and talk about life and stuff….
I don't know...
It's not like I like you or anything! (*゚ー゚*) BAKA! 

Stay awesome,

P.S. We could always play some co-op games. I'm terrible at them, but so charming you won't mind. 
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Hey you, 

Do you like my weird art? Do you want to see more weird art? Well, you're in luck!
Follow me on Instagram- @TopherStoll
and you can see more of my weird art previews, weird art sketches, and weird art concepts along with the occasional image of me fondling giant thrift shop banana stuffie while ferociously inebriated.  

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I also do fun giveaways twice a month on my Instagram, where you can get free posters, books, and signed illustrations just for following my work and liking a photo! 

This last giveaway was for toothless posters! Follow me to find out what goodies are in your future!

Stay awesome, 
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Hey everyone! 
I have an exciting announcement, I've been commissioned to do the illustrations for Starcalled Studio's CREATURES OF VATHIS a 150 page bestiary compatible with both D&D 5th Edition and The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
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Inside you'll find a dynamic and interactive fantasy setting complete with over 120 original creature illustrations ready spring off the page and into your fantasy game. To celebrate I'm releasing a new creature from this collection every day for the entire Month of February.

I know you'll enjoy these free daily previews while the book's Kickstarter remains up, and sincerely hope that you'll consider supporting these amazing creators.

As always, stay awesome! 


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