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Hey guys!! I've really seen my numbers jump recently with the beginning of my Princess Avengers series and I want to thank everyone who took the time to enjoy my work...
You rule!! No seriously! You, hey pay attention! You, seriously... You, You totally rule!!
Aaaaaaaand you're my only hope.

If you have been keeping up with the project thus far then you know that the next one should be Black Widow but unless I can get some aesthetic advice from my artistic fans I may need to postpone the piece. I am having trouble figuring out exactly how to proceed around a couple artistic difficulties:

-Choosing the #%*! Princess-
Lots of people have recommended Ariel, but there's a big problem with stuffing that spicy mermaid redhead into skintight black latex in the realistic style I've chosen for the series... She would look exactly like BlackWidow does now! It's not a significant enough departure from the original character, but most other princesses would not look enough like poor BW. I'm stuck... Who gets the dubious honor of being turned into our killer secret agent supersillious badass action chick?

-Just Like Congressional Legislation, Paint Drying, Your Mom....-
Black Widow is boring.... She doesn't have very much that physically characterizes her aside from the fact that she's the only woman on a team populated exclusively with manly man's men. You can already see the problem, on a team of women she's boring. No costume, no powers, not much to express on the page except for boobs.
And I have boobs, boobs galore, enough boobs to fill the world's funnest Chucky Cheese ballpit to the brim, I don't need them... I need personality.

-Giiiiiiirl?- Which brings me to my final point, should she/he be a woman at all? Pause and think, because this is more complex than it seems, and I really want to get an impression from my subscribers. I originally wanted to do a princess mashup and not a gender swap, but a couple people have come to me with this idea. The issue is that Disney doesn't have very many iconic or strong male characters who suit the mantle of Black Widow, and whoever I choose will really stick out against the otherwise female team.

Who should I choose, how do I keep it quality and avoid some gimmicky pitfalls?
Man or woman? Do you see any other possible issues?
Please let me know, i promise to read and take your feedback into account and if your idea holds water I'll use it.
I look forward to your comments!!!
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So i am not sure which would work best but i think Giselle( she has a lot of personality but also has the red hair), Tiana or Megara( I havent seen either of thses movies but from the look of the pictures either of them would make an interesting and neat Black widow) would work from their picture, I dont really think you should swap the genders but if you do i like voidgalaxy's Idea about using Aladdin he seems to be a good choice..