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Do you have any plans to deconstruct Bastion or BOB?
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Wow, just too cool
But have you seen Zenyatta's shell spray? It shows under his "mask", it would fit with this pic ;)
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Really, no tricks... What is *that*? (almost sure you know what I am talking about lol)
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An extra piece or something? Or is that a robo dong?
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It's the internal mechanism of an electric motor. 
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I love your draws
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This is kinda different from the normal stuff I see on here,nice job though.
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You are really talented. You should show Blizzard your work. :) 
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Let us not forget the most important part of a robot ;)           Capture by ForkrexX  
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(Insert Lenny face here) 
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 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
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Kind of reminds me of some of Da Vinci's mechanical drawings, but more futuristic!
I remember seeing this on Reddit. Great work.
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If da Vinci designed  robots
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Jesus I fucking love this
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I've been wanting to draw zenyatta but this will really help me figure out how to brake him down to manageable pieces this is really helpful and cool nice by the by i'm not gonna trace this cause for me that's more trouble then it's worth
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Never thought I’d see Zen with a robo dong, that’s a new one. 
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Kinda creepy, yet fasinating.
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