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Xenomorph Anatomy

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Winner of my last Patreon poll! And for less than the price of a cup of coffee each month you too can choose which weekly creature or character is dissected! 

Patrons also get access to a scientifically labeled edition of this image that identifies each of the alien's organs and body structures. 

5-6 hours on the ipad. 

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Outstanding work!!
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Wow, this is AWESOME. As an alien fan, this just blew my mind. 
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Xenomorphs have eyes where their "forehead" is though.
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Ruxree Purely speculation
They = the xenomorphs. Latin = Internecivus raptus, "the murderous thing that seizes"
They are bioweapons. Notably, they would have no appendix and no junk DNA other than holdovers from the DNA reflex of  copying elements from other creatures.
Hanar? Asari? I can help with Asari, if you like -- from Mass Effect.
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godzilla anatomy? :)
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Is that eggs in tail area. Regular xeno has eggs?
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I think that's bone altough in the expanded universe is proved that, when a colony (including the Queen) dies and there's only a Xenomorph drone or warrior left this remaining xeno gets a host, cocoons itself and the prey and "sheds" it's carapace to become a new Queen.
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So your saying like. Warriors can turn prey into cocoon and that cocoons carapace into new Queen. Which reminds me of Alien (1979) deleted scenes where nostroma crew members turned into cocoon.
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Sort of, only that the deleted scenes crew where turning into eggs while the cocooned xenomorph will shed the skin only, becoming a larger Queen. Here's the scene, nearly at the end:…
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"I admire it's purity... unclouded by conscious..." ;)
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No, "Conscious" does fit into the spelling diatribe, although its usage does offer multiple reconciliations.
But then, ya don't have to be a Spelling Nazi to know that. Save those offerings for the inept Millennial's that take the Tide Pod challenge. =p
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You use a iPad?, I use a iPad mini 2.

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"The hip bone connected to the murder bone" :D
Looks amazing :)
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I'd be quite interested to see you do Godzilla or some other Kaiju or the bugs from starship troopers 
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Oh man, the last Patreon poll was Alien themed and the Xenomorph beat Starship Troopers bugs by ONE vote. I would have been happy to do either :D 
As for Godzilla, I'll probably do a Kaiju poll in a few weeks. 
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Awesome to hear, look forward to seeing it. Also damn that was close XD 
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Really cool Xenomorph anatomy! :D
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