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Vileplume Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

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Oddish Anatomy- Pokedex Entry by Christopher-Stoll Gloom Anatomy- Pokedex Entry by Christopher-Stoll

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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist
I like the chemical communication and pollen shooting. Lol at "legions of subservient Gloom and Oddish".
JJWS92's avatar
JJWS92Hobbyist Photographer
Would Vileplumes be rivals of a sort to Bellossoms?
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Lt-SnuggsHobbyist Digital Artist
Now I can imagine Vileplume whispering

"Kill yourself."

To Gloom, who is wandering aimlessly and mindlessly looking for a way to kill itself. A creature who before knew almost nothing, now has to weigh out living, dying, and the least painful way to end its own life.

Pretty Gloomy indeed.

I feel like any trainer who catch them and give them purpose also give them a new reason to live. But I also wonder where Bellossom fit into this
Silverduke1's avatar
Silverduke1Hobbyist General Artist
Wonder where Bellossoms fall in the cast system.
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joshua220Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why would the vileplume need to prevent evolution of competitors? Evolution only occurs from contact with a leaf stone. It would only need to steer others away from wherever the leaf stones were.
useraccount's avatar
Glooms have some small portion of free will, maybe one accidentally digs up a chunk of Leaf Stone?
Tonywolf1997's avatar
So vile indeed
gavrevil's avatar
awesome, we've got the evill queen
also congratulations on your fist evolutionary line
Shadow-DJ's avatar
Shadow-DJHobbyist Writer
...You make an innocent looking flower effing TERRYFYING.
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SableGearHobbyist General Artist
(Hate to be picky but I know these are going in a collection so I gotta point it out, minor typo in the general description, should be "caste" as it is in the smaller descriptive text.)
I like that you've chosen to interpret the Oddish line as a hive-mind, I think that's a really neat idea. Nice thought to include the intraspecific conflict between Gloom and Vileplume. It's little touches like this that make your series so wonderful!
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
That's not picky at all. It's really helpful, actually! For the final collection I'll hire an editor, but at the moment I'm writing out all of this myself and things slip through the cracks all the time.
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austin123456789Hobbyist Writer
i knew they couldn't be trusted
candelediva's avatar
Whatever happened to Bellossom?
Kai-Chi23's avatar
They escaped the collective and became free!
Tonywolf1997's avatar
After adsorb a Sun Rock 
candelediva's avatar
You don't say...
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