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Unexpected Heroes- C-3PO

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Anyone can be the hero.

Just for fun- 4-5 hours on the ipad. Definitely going give it some touch ups (some parts aren't shiny enough) but I was excited to show you guys!

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Unexpected Heroes- Toad by Christopher-Stoll Unexpected Heroes- Hedwig by Christopher-Stoll.

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i am fluent in more than 6 million ways of kicking ur ass!

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C3P0 fluent in over 6 million forms of kicking yo ass like your mom's slipper

C-3PO: I am fluent in over 6 million forms of FOLDING YOUR ASS LIKE CLEAN LAUNDRY

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this is crazy cuz anakin (darth vader) created C-3pO

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You are a genius.
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hahaha YEAAAAH!!!
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"Fuck the Maker!"- C3PO, probably.
EchoScapePath's avatar
Wouldn't that be "Bye Maker."
katomatic22's avatar
sounds bout right XD
Linghua208's avatar
strikes back against his maker ! so funnyXD
CodyLabs's avatar
This is hilarious. Awesome job.
DIE JEDI SCUM! Oh, dear! Was that me?!
Maelora69's avatar
This is a very cool concept!  I'd love to see more unlikely heroes giving the top bad guys a beatdown!
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either way, Vader is still defeated by his son
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Yea, Anakin Skywalker built See-Threepio from blueprints provided him by the Force itself. The Force that begat him .He was a good boy back then ...
drewsb's avatar
Oh my! My most sincere apologies master Anakin!
TheWildWestPyro's avatar
He is fluent in 6 million ways to kick Empire ass.
JonathanBluestone's avatar
Oh my! Love this. Watched.
HNBBTF's avatar
That is not how you thank the maker C-3PO.
CyotheLion's avatar
He got the butt-kicker program?
PapiTrooper's avatar
Wait wait wait !!! What !!! ;)
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