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The Destruction of Adam

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A reupload of an old sketch.
Colored pencils.
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I'm not too sure what's going on but it's awesome.

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This is very cool! I really enjoyed it!
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The beginning and now the end.
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From pestilence you emerged, to pestilence you shall return.
The cycle of transformation and decay shall never cease.
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Ahh... I get it 🤣
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Great work! I hope humans will be smart enaugh not to screw the world up so much that cockroaches and flies will have to take it from there.

Dear Christopher

I would like to have your permission to use your wonderful image of "The destruction of Adam" for a research paper I was requested to write.

The paper is for an international conference about visual culture and image communication (basically organized by Architects, Pedagogues and Psychologists). You can check the call at this website:

I will write in the capitation:

"Fig. X." The destruction of Adam" by Christopher Stoll. Source: christopher-stoll.deviantart.c… "

The paper is only an academic production and not commercial of course and I would like to put your image as an evidence of my thesis. Please let me know if I have your permission or if I must change something in the capitation. Write me for confirmation at


Thank You and congratulations for your art.


This is great, but I have to wonder... who will the roaches [ass the world to when they destroy it? I am imagining their version of a wasteland is a lush green paradise (or possibly a frozen tundra).
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They will pass it to whatever species that will replace them in their former ecological niche.
Seems likely
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This is simply genious.
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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 sickeningly awesome ! love the cocaroaches halo of infinity :D
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Good luck on your Kickstarter . Would love to fund if I could :/
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That's heavy, man. :)
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This complete the set between creation and destruction.
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It feels like it is a symbolism to the invention of the Atom Bomb, and how that invention has led to development more powerful weapons of mass destruction that brought upon the Cold War. This could be our future. Ironic that life began with Adam and the Atom Bomb may have began the cause to the end.
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What is that diseased conglomerate supposed to represent (as in, the thing that's about to touch fingers with that hazmat-suit Adam)?
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