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Squirtle Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

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JJWS92Hobbyist Photographer
I love how you've managed to combine the cutesy, cartoonish designs of pokemon, with realistic animal anatomic designs and behaviors. So Squirtle shells are Ivory, that's neat! Has it ever been said if people in the Pokeverse actually eat Pokemon. I know Pokemon do eat each other, but do people eat them too? Your anatomy designs suggest to be that they would be considered perfectly edible.
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expands and contacts < expands and contracts

Marvelous otherwise!
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I've read every single on of these ^_^ They're so freaking cool XD I would like to see Munchlax's anatomy, how does he eat so much? How does he hide food in his fur but forgets instantly? Is is something in his brain? I must know, he's my favorite pokemon :D
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"leads to severe emotional problems and misbehavior"
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Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
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DeathbyPixels13Hobbyist General Artist
This is bloody amazing. The thought put into this is... incredible. (And, for the next Pokemon... Vulpix.)
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MegaCharizardValorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Charizard would be pretty neat.
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ThatWolfThatWritesHobbyist General Artist
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