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Samus Deconstructed

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Vader Deconstructed by Christopher-Stoll Ironman Deconstructed by Christopher-Stoll Master Chief Deconstructed by Christopher-Stoll

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This is really cool! Great job!
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One of my pet peeves about Samus when it comes to fan art--and this is coming someone whose DA account is solely for compiling smut--is when she's depicted as being weak or dominated, especially in a sexual way. Even if you're gonna get kinky with your art, she's always gotta be on top, she's always gotta be the badass, and even though this picture is more about the armor (which looks sweet, btw), that's the face of someone who's going to get shit done.

I dare anyone to play Metroid Prime and think Samus, running into that jungle solo, is anything but the hardest bounty hunter in the fuckin' cosmos.
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Agreed. One of the many reasons the Metroid series, Prime in particular, are some of my personal favorite games. Most male videogame protagonists would crap themselves if they went up against the horror that Samus has. She's the original strong female videogame protagonist.

And on the point of how hard she is I think back to the opening scene from Metroid Prime where Damus enters the pirate frigate and starts mercilessly terminating wounded pirates.
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Really great! Is there also a original/complete picture of this (as complete armor without deconstruction)?
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This is a great idea and the suit is deconstructed nicely, but as has been pointed out there are some inconsistencies to actual gameplay, and the anatomy of the suit was done better than the skeletal anatomy of samus herself.

Still though, it took me a minute to even notice, so it's still great for what it is.
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This is awesome!  
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There's one problem with this: There's no grip in her arm cannon. In Metroid Prime if you use the X-ray, you'll notice her hand inside of the canon, she uses hand gestures to access different beams.
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Her hair and arms look a bit weird.
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Awesome idea and artwork!
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Well the hell are her arms so short?
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As a huge Metroid fan this definitely qualifies as the coolest thing I've seen all day.
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So are we gonna see a morph ball cutaway anytime soon?
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Haha, have you been waiting for this? 
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Haha, you're welcome. 
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There are some inconsistencies on her feet, and one arm is shorter than the other.
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It's real good !
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Oh, that's cool. I like how you tried to make the Suit make more sense proportionately to her body rather than it simply being explained with space magic. Very cool, and nicely detailed!
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