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Raichu Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

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dbzang88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are u gonna make Pichu???
SnipeSmash's avatar
Do houndour or houndoom next please.
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nicusor0125Hobbyist Digital Artist
gavrevil's avatar
twice as much shock power, a deadly weaponized tail, more speed and strength, but still, pikachu with agility came out victorious from a fight with a raichu which didn't learn it
great work
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TortwagStudent Digital Artist
To be fair, it only came out victorious the second time, and not the first - because Ash strategized.

Pikachu also lost against a less popular Raichu VS Pikachu fight in Sinnoh, and won during their second fight, once again because he strategized and the other guy didn't adapt.
gavrevil's avatar
i can't argue on that since i don't remember it
i've rewatched 30 so episodes from the fist season and just wanted to point out that pikachu won against a raichu
Tortwag's avatar
TortwagStudent Digital Artist
Easy to find for you to refresh your memories, no worries there!

And yes, I realize that, but it's been pointed out time and time again without proper context, which usually makes it a bit annoying, and also very repetitive. People also tend to forget that Raichu gains more speed than Pikachu and is about as agile - the two Ash's Pikachu fought just had trainers that didn't use that when they should've.
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Well, going from four to two legs was an important step in real life evolution. Nice you sort of pointed it out.
Pokemaniac007's avatar
Pokemaniac007Student Artist
cool art
LightningTopaz's avatar
LightningTopazHobbyist Writer
Maybe do one for Pichu, so the whole line is complete?
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KenTheNekomataHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm guessing those blob white things on the ears are the ear drums?
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AverageGuardLucasHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is anyone getting that spore feel from the elecricity-generating blobs? They remind me of the electric appendages from the bacteria stage.
Ada-recker's avatar
Ada-reckerHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa! This looks awesome! I do have a soft spot for this Pokemon. : )
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I know you do just Pokemons and this is not request or something, but I would like to see how looks Sonic anatomy, specialy Classisc Sonic with his gestures and ect.
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SaerpheHobbyist General Artist
Raichu has always been my favourite electric type. It's just so much cooler than Pikachu. :XD:

Just out of curiosity, where are you shipping from? I'm in Canada, so I was wondering how much shipping for the book would cost. I'm also spending the summer in some of the more remote reaches of Labrador and I won't be back to St. John's (Newfoundland) until September and won't have a reliable mailing address until then - could I potentially reserve a copy and have it sent later when I figure out where I'll be living for the school year? :P
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Very nice! :)
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SceptiXStudent Digital Artist
I think I love you
Raichu is my favourite of them all AAAAHH
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