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Princess Avengers: THOR

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Guess what’s actually REALLY HARD TO DRAW WELL...
If you guessed hair then you are absolutely correct.

This piece was a challenge. I wanted to finish up with a bang, and I think that Thor turned out to be the most expressive and dynamic Princess Avenger yet.
Although I originally intended to only stick to the classic hand drawn Disney princesses for inspiration I eventually relented because the frying pan visual gag works so well.
I also wanted to capture the awkward adolescent lightheartedness of Tangled’s Rapunzel. Thematically both Thor and Rapunzel have quite a bit in common, having lived insular existences before finding themselves in a strange new world to explore and fight for. In the piece I wanted motion to be primary; implied flight, the raised hands, and the twirling hair are all there to give a sense of freedom. However, her awkward smile deliberately indicates that she might not be entirely sure of herself or her newfound powers.

Rapunzel is young, beautiful, and more than a little naive in her original story, and this lead to an interesting design challenge. So far I’ve tried to make the PA’s sexy without objectifying them, but after redesigning Thor’s armor and combining it with a young girl in a liberated pose I’m not sure how it reads.
She was also a challenge to do realistically, as her features are so exaggerated in the film and her main distinguishing (realistic) characteristic is her hair.
If you have any thoughts on this be sure to share them in the comments.

Oh! Should she have had a lizard? Think about it...

This concludes my Disney Princess Avengers mashup.
In a lot of ways it’s fitting. I started this bizarre experiment nearly a year ago with a crude rendition of Thor as Belle and the reception was so rapid and overwhelming I knew I had to do more than just dip a toe into the world of fan-art.

This series of images has gotten me an article on Huffington Post, and more subscriber views than anything else that I have yet produced. I’m grateful for all the attention that I’ve received.
On that note, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to enjoy my work, superficial though it may be.

If you like this piece then please CHECK OUT MY OTHER AVENGING PRINCESSES HERE

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XxKikiandMomo56Xx's avatar
Flynn is Jane foster
GaryBones's avatar
Well, a frying pan of death?! This is hilarious! XD
crazydave11's avatar
I can just hear Flynn saying "I have got to get me one of these!"
Glowrus's avatar
Lol, it doesn't just look like Rapunzel, it also looks like Thor Girl from the comics. Nice job!
guny666's avatar
someone is goin to get fried
Mikey163's avatar
And that someone is mother gothel!
BulldozerIvan's avatar
In the Marvel Now run, Thor's spirit is reincarnated in a woman's body, so I guess this is fitting...sort of.
RRPaula's avatar
thar hahah^^( girl version of thor)great job
Ruusuvuori's avatar
The pan need to be bigger, it looks small in her hands. Otherwise, I like it. She looks intelligent, humble and quite able to take care of herself.
KingkyLeor's avatar
so like normal raspunzel... but with thor's knowledge of the world (cuz, you know, stuck in a tower all her life)
Velara's avatar
LOL! Beware the frying pan of thunder! XDDD
pinkmartinifish's avatar
just wondering, did you model her off of Natalie Dormer? Her face looks really similar!
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
I didn't specifically, but I totally see the resemblance.
TomXandre's avatar
dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke, dontmakeasexistjoke............uh, nice frying pan.
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Her use of the frying pan is deliberately subversive, I read it as the adaptation of regressive traditional female roles into a more proactive self-directed form.
Skaramine's avatar
This is amazing!  Her lizard could be Frog Thor/Throg.
kwendynew's avatar
Beyond the impossible power levels.
Sigfriedofgaea's avatar
LOL lightning pan...
Looks like a great Kickstarter project.  Everyone join in to help publish the Graphic Novel.
The-Wrath-of-Me's avatar
Flynn: ... hi! Stitch clap plz Seizure Kitty Dance Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Mabelpines Kermityay :thor: (NaNoEmo #10) Loki'd La  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
cj1d2c3's avatar
Stringsartz's avatar
haha! frying pan forged in the heart of a star!, this series of yours is double awesome, we get to see a realistic take on their faces as well as awesome feminine costume adaptations! love em!
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