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Princess Avengers: NICK FURY

  • The Feminomicon is an artistic guidebook chronicling mythical women from around the world, written and illustrated in the style of the legendary Lovecraftian tome.
  • It's an 8"x10" heavy hardcover, approximately 150 pages long; featuring a durable double binding, and high-quality photo paper.
  • A great coffee table art book for anyone who loves mythology, monsters, women, and fantasy art.
  • A collection dedicated to obscure and forgotten female creatures with a focus on diversity and female empowerment.

Initially I was hesitant to make the only black princess into the only black Avenger's character, but that's sort of how the stars ended up alining.
Still, I'm pleased with the results. In my estimation she's one of the strongest looking yet, and manages to be sexy and powerful without showing an inappropriate amount of skin.
The other PA's fall on either side of this sweet spot, HULK absolutely had some issues with this. 
While THOR had the sort of logical inverse of Hulk's problem.
Aside from HAWKEYE I definitely feel that this is the most empowering representation.
Strange because she's in the usually compromising Action Girl butt to the camera pose. I'd love some feedback on this issue of sexy vs. objectifying and where the PA's fall respectively on the scale.
I know that I said I was done...

I received a couple of messages from fans of the series asking if there would be a Tiana, and since I had one potential additional Avengers Member to do I guess my decision was made for me.
Every time I think that I'm done with the series I end up slipping something else in. It wasn't much of a time investment though, Nick Fury was done in a single day while I was bedridden with the flu, and took maybe 6 hours total.

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What about the other princesses and avengers? Who would be Scarlet Witch?

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Kinda looks like Vivica Fox
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She looks so bad ass
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God...she looks identical to Jennifer Hudson! The resemblance is unreal!
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That is so badass!
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wonderful job! not objectifying at all but really sexy and empowering!
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really awesome!
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Absolutely amazing! :excited:
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