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Princess Avengers: HULK

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Published: October 13, 2012
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The next piece in my Princess Avengers crossovers series!

I ended up going with an unusual mix of features for this one. Marrying the distinct visual styles of the Avenger's universe with that of Disney's cartoons is difficult enough, but this one had so many discordant elements that I must have drawn and redrawn it a dozen times before I found anything I liked. The realistic visual style adds another hurdle, I need to create a realistic revision of these old 2D cartoons BEFORE I even consider the addition of the Avenger character. This one is supposed to be mid transformation, but I'm not sure how well it comes across. I think I'm getting better at marrying the character's different styles, this one seems to gel...
Then again, if you totally disagree then you should leave a comment. A really long and detailed one! Maybe several! :D *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

This piece is not quite done. But I've been delaying for so long that I wanted to put it out there and gauge the reactions... It's a vulnerable thing for an artist, but I think can deal with people seeing my work in stages that are "less than complete." I hope that they will see the attempt, and judge accordingly.
I'll be uploading a cleaner version with more detail in the shirt rips, and more transformation!!

Many, Many, Many reference pics were incorporated into this piece, if you think your work has been unfairly plagiarized please leave a comment. This work was not created for private profit, it is a parody only. Marvel's the Avengers and snow white (in her current form) are both property of Disney Corp (It's convenient because I'll only be sued once!) please do not share, recreate, or sell without permission (or steal my dog).
People have recently let me know that one of the pics I used as the basis for this piece is of a cosplayer known as Tallest Silver, you should give her a look. Honestly, I never thought I'd find out who it was. No disrespect intended.

If you like this piece then please CHECK OUT MY OTHER AVENGING PRINCESSES HERE

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CXD327Hobbyist General Artist
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Do more from this
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SigfriedofgaeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I'll go have my nightmares now... D:
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The Snow-Hulk from my Disney Princess Avengers story! Cool!
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Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Yes? Wait... no.
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The Snow-Hulk's a good name
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Great kickstarter project. Check it out!!
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:) Snow White to Spring Green.
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I think this ons my favorite

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Sofea139Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like Shrek
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Fun concept. I know subtlety isn't at all the point here, but I honestly think it'd make a stronger statement if the rips in her shirt didn't show quite so much of the left breast there... like her nipple is a fraction of a second from popping out into the world. We could have a really amazing, strong feminine hulk without feeling like it's her knockers alone that are about to bowl us over? Let that powerful, fierce face do a bit more of the talking!!
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Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Interesting you should notice that, I tried to make her breasts the average size for female superheroes. In her genre they looked natural for a female heroine when she had the shirt on, but as soon as I started adding tears it became apparent that what is "normal" for a superhero is actually a quite grotesque warping of the female form.
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, goodness! :icongrin--plz:

She is beautiful in her own right! :giggle: Mhm!

I adore this little series you've got going!
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Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
I mention her in the comment, didn't post a link.
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Thank you thank you! :D
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Hey cool, it's Tallest Silver only in Hulk form. You should really give credit to the original image.
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AsezunaHobbyist General Artist
It looks like a strange combination of Hulk, Shrek and Snow Wite.... O.o
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IchiseGossipHobbyist General Artist
You knew who it was. Don't play coy.
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IchiseGossipHobbyist General Artist
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Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
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