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Princess Avengers: HAWKEYE

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Here's the second work in the series of Disney princesses assembled (see what I did there?) into the Avengers.

It's Fa Mulan!! I did a much better Job of incorperating aspects of the character's costumes and color schemes in this one than I did will Belle, but it still doesn't work like I want it to... An alternate upload may be in order :P


But even though this whole idea started as a shamelessly shallow fun mix up project I gotten really into it and would love to hear if you have suggestions, or you just absolutely hate it...

If you think a princess should be paired with a hero let me know too! I haven't decided who is going to be who just yet!
If you like this piece then please CHECK OUT MY OTHER AVENGING PRINCESSES HERE

Many, Many, Many pictures were incorporated into this piece, notably some old mirror's edge conceptual art. If you think your work has been unfairly plagiarized please leave a comment. This work was not created for private profit, it is a parody only. Marvel's the Avengers and Mulan (in her current form) are both property of Disney Corp (It's convenient because I'll only be sued once!) please do not share, recreate, or sell without permission (or steal my dog).

╚══`.¸.COMMISSIONS!!! *****************************************
***If you're lookin' for something amazing - I'm waiting for your OrderS***

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This is something every Marvel and Disney fan can enjoy, and for lack of a more eloquent thing to say... so epic...
I find that so many people, if they were to do a Marvel/Disney crossover, instantly put Merida as Hawkeye. While I have no problem with that at all, this is actually cooler. Mulan is and continues to be one of my favorite princess. Unlike her Disney sisters of yesteryear, she fights and believes in herself. Originally she doesn't fit in as the normal mold of women in her society, never much one for arranged marriage or being sub-servant. She, to me, was the original Merida. Both their stories are similar in the sense that it's about stepping outside of yourself and what you're expected to be
Your anatomy looks great, and all proportionally sound. The arms look a little too skinny for me, but that's my only real woe. The expression is kind of haunting and intimidating, not at all Disney. However, I still love it. In reality, Mulan isn't so much of a princess as a warrior, and that to me is the face of a warrior. As for her attire, I appreciate that you stuck true to the Disney design, but I think I would've liked some sort of nod to Hawkeye's really cool super suit. The picture, while I see the Marvel in it, could also just be interpreted as Mulan holding a bow and arrow.
Overall, I really enjoy this work, and now I'm off to see the rest of your series. This work is fantastic and I'm glad to find an artist as great as you are.
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I really love this piece. Mulan happens to be one of my favorite Disney princesses, and I'm very proud of the way you portrayed her. Unlike most, which show her as more of a damsel or a sexual icon, you caught her true personality in her expression and stance and attire; a true warrior. I also happen to like the fact that you added a flower- a nice little feminine touch, and it reminds me of one of the first and one of the last scenes in the movie. However, there are a few technical things I would like to address. First of all, I agree that it could use a bit more shading in some areas, and a tad more texture on the clothing would be nice. Also, it doesn't seem to fit the background well. (I personally would have made it perhaps a snowy mountain backdrop) But, other than those few things, I love it. You have good color, and the arrow in her hand is very realistic. I also absolutely love the bow, and the flower has amazing detail. I wish that I had the artistic skills that you had, and I look forwards to seeing the rest of the Avengers princesses <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
Thank you,
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This piece immediately caught my eye. I have not yet watched the film The Avengers, but now I will definetely have to keep an eye out for the rest of this series seeing how well executed this beautiful piece is.
I think the overall strength in this work would be her expression, it really gives off a determined air of concentration.
The shading is also pretty good especially in the hands and in her face. Though I would suggest a bit more work in the bicep and shoulder area to give it a little more depth, to give off a more of a defined look, a good example of the exemplary shading to be used in that area would be the shading in her collarbone and fingers on the right hand.
I also would suggest maybe in the background showing more of the projection and source of light to give justice to your highlights.
Though you have modeled it after another hero and also given Mulan a less feminine physique, you can clearly tell it is the Disney heroine, wonderful job and I can't wait to see more.
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Hey, Can You Do Anna As The Scarlet Witch And Elsa As Quicksilver?
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This is beautiful!
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Made even more ironic when you realize that Mulan's actor, Ming-Na Wen, is currently starring in Agents of Shield.
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It would make more sense if it was Merida. Great job no less.
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i looked at all you princess avengers, and they are all awesome, but this one s my favorite!!!
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I love this so much!
Looks like a great Kickstarter project.  Everyone join in to help publish the Graphic Novel.
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Even though I think Merida fits better as Hawkeye, this is just simply AMAZING. Well done, you :)
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My favourite Disney Princess as my favourite Avenger, PLUS the gorgeous artwork? This is perfect on so many levels :D I love it!
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Nice and realist Mulan.
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Hello. I'm trying to learn how to bring more realism into my art. I thought since your work looks like it could jump off the page, you could help me. Where did you learn your technique? Are you self taught? I don't care how long the process towards great art like yours is, I just want to know that I can improve, I don't want my art to be as good as yours, that isn't what I expect. I just want to improve.
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Of course! I'd totally be willing to give you some pointers, is there something specific you'd like to know?
Anyway, to answer your questions...
I'm completely self taught, the last formal art class I had was in Middle School. I learn a lot of my techniques by pursuing other artists and spending time watching them work. Just like you are doing now :D

The internet has made it easier than ever to reach out and connect with those who are worth emulating. There are also a great deal of exciting tutorials out there, many of which are available for free. If you want to improve do your best to look through and collect art that you like on the web, if you see a technique that you like ASK! :) Most artists are willing to share their secrets if asked.
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You have no idea how happy I am to hear back! I didn't expect you to respond.
Anyway, I've been trying to make more dynamic figure poses, but I can't seem to make any look realistic. They all just look like robots. I'm also having a big trouble with shading. I'm trying to do my art in pencil but I'm trying to get a hold of PaintShop Pro from a friend. Any tips?
It makes me feel nice that there are still people like you willing to share your knowledge. Thank You!
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All I can really say is practice, practice, practice.
Draw from life, trace, doodle, sketch, take on projects, anything you can.
:) When it comes to realism just try to keep in mind the spacing of features and shading. The human body is tough, people follow certain rules proportion and can only move in ways restricted by its form. Muscle and bone only let a person distort their posture so much, but then again people are almost never perfectly rigid and stiff. If your drawing doesn't follow the relatively rigid rules of physiology then your people will look like stiff robots. Studying the biology of people can really help, all you need to do is observe form and keep in mind the major muscles in the arms, legs, and chest.

When shading keep a specific light source in mind and shade consistently across all surfaces.
When doing colored pictures remember that shadows aren't black or grey, but instead they are a darker version of the color the object is.
The shadows on a face are just darker fleshtone than the highlights. Not black and white.
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Thank you so much! I think I already told you this, but it means a lot to me for you to take your time and help a person you don't even know.
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You know, I really wish I could use this as my background on my laptop.
I'm a huge Marvel girl and Hawkeye just happens to be my favorite Avenger. Then Mulan is my favorite princess so this is just the best of both worlds. This piece is absolutely breathtaking. I love it so much.
Looks a little bit like you might've pulled directly from some Mirror's Edge artwork. Not accusing or anything, just forewarning you of criticism that might come your way :)
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It mentions that in the picture's description :P
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