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Princess Avengers: BLACK WIDOW (Really)
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Published: January 13, 2015
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I finally decided to do this piece after I got an email from a fan who said that Black Widow was her favorite character and she wanted to see a princess that represented her.
Well, it's been a long time coming!
And if you haven't seen them, check out my other-


I did a previous version of Black Widow as the SULTAN from Aladdin simply to illustrate the bizarre gender politics of the Avengers (and to get otherwise reputable sites to post his troll face).
When it came to the revised version you see above I feel like I'm courting the logical inverse of that controversy.
An astute viewer will realize that when it comes to the two characters I always adopt the characteristics of the one with the least clothing. HULK ended up displaying quite a bit of chest. IRONMAN on the other hand showed off Jasmine's midriff.
The new Black Widow doesn't defy the trend, instead she adopts Ariel's revealing outfit with little more than a color change. Combined with the realistic style the effect is quite jarring.

It's a tricky design challenge, and every time that I make the decision to go revealing with her clothes its an attempt to capture the iconic essence of the character.
Snow White has to be transforming but I can't have her shirtless like her male counterpart, Jasmine needs to keep the shape of her original costume or she'd just have her head poking out of a suit, and now Blackwidow who is already a girl and a redhead is being turned in a girl readhead...
I'd be interested to hear what you guys might have done.
Still, I'm pleased with the results. In my estimation she's one of the strongest looking yet.
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I've always wondered if Black Widow was just forking around...
Shritistrang's avatar
Genius idea! And being underwater, she can be a very sneaky spy... and doesn't even need a diving suit!
Gigglesalotneko's avatar
GigglesalotnekoHobbyist General Artist
This is gorgeous
sandcastler's avatar
This looks fantastic!!  Love her sinuous tail!
Lokis1army's avatar
Lokis1armyProfessional General Artist
Is that a gun fork? Or a gun the just holds a fork? Anyways, amazing work!
Skaramine's avatar
SkaramineHobbyist Traditional Artist
Rail mounted tactical fork.  :heart:
AustinGreywolf's avatar
AustinGreywolfHobbyist Artist
how do you shoot a gun under water
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
It's not a gun, it's a dinglehopper.
AustinGreywolf's avatar
AustinGreywolfHobbyist Artist
lol I just now noticed the fork  
autumnrose83's avatar
autumnrose83Hobbyist General Artist
This is hilarious, and beautiful at the same time. The fork, it's the fork that does me in.
1999MarvelTeen's avatar
1999MarvelTeenHobbyist Writer
Nice work.
Convenient-Alias's avatar
Convenient-AliasStudent General Artist
This crossover picture is so perfect. I'm not sure if I prefer the grim black tail or the hilarious fork, but they add up to an adventurous mood I adore.
HarperII's avatar
HarperIIProfessional Traditional Artist
Crazy, man... Absolutely crazy. Good job :-)
DamaNym's avatar
hmm will you do some of the new avengers? Like maybe Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
I will. Soon I'll be doing a poll to see who people want them to be.
Although I have some...... ideas.
DamaNym's avatar
And these ideas are...? :
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Well, I'm hoping to see the movie first.
Elsa for Scarlet Witch and I'm not sure about Quicksilver.
DamaNym's avatar
Yeah I guess Elsa fits Wanda, having uncontrollable powers or not...I'm not sure if Anna fits Quicksilver though...Maybe Tinkerbell?
Lpsalsaman's avatar
LpsalsamanHobbyist General Artist
Wow awesome digital painting! Love the shades, it gives it a more realistic look!
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