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Princess Avengers: BLACK WIDOW
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Published: February 26, 2013
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I know it's been a while, but here's the next image in my inexplicably popular series of Disney Royalty and Avenging Super Heroes!!! :D

Black Widow was undoubtedly a tough piece to pull together, you may recall that I posted a journal earlier this year to test the waters and let the fans decide the face of the newest Princess Avenger.

The feedback was overwhelming and unanimous, and the results certainly don't disappoint! :D
Balancing the disparate gender-elements was the biggest challenge, next was reconciling the comical elements of the Sultan's cartoon face with the realistic style I have chosen for the Princess Avengers! Earlier versions gave him a very realistic middle eastern appearance, but it wasn't immediately recognizable as Aladdin's Sultan... Plus I wasn't able to bring the same expression of sincerity and determination to him that you see above. I eventually relented, making Black Widow the most cartoonish PA so far!!

Please let me know what you think with a comment. I certainly put a whole lot of work into this, I hope that you all like it!! It's important to me that these Princess Avengers appeal to the fans, as you can tell I always do my best to take viewer preference into account when designing.

Okay. Okay. Okay. The real reason that I chose to switch genders on this one (at least in part) is to throw current fans for a loop, and to simply illustrate the bizarre gender politics of the Avengers. To have only one female member of a 6 person team is unusual, and to have her be so conventionally attractive is troubling. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Black Widow herself being attractive... but to me it seems like the only body types available for comic heroines is well... insanely unrealistic. With this piece I wanted to underline the lack women on the (actual) team as well as the unspoken comic-book creed that ostensibly strong women ALSO need to be smoking 10/10 babes. To this end I chose sultan, whose body type is at least as irregular as Black Widow's, although in a different way. A logical inverse to round out my Princess Avengers.


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Oh my fucking goodness... I have had 4 gigglefits this morning and 2 of those were from this and Princess Hulk
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oh, this reminds me of a hilarious Punch Magazine cartoon of Queen Victoria in dragGiggle  
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KaniokHobbyist Digital Artist
black widow? Laugh LOL 
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emily-draws-alotHobbyist Traditional Artist
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WHAT *IS* THIS i'm sorry
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ZebraBoy123Student Digital Artist
Ow my head
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This is wrong on so many levels...
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PencilElephantHobbyist Traditional Artist
I.. I am so confused.
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Odd..... just odd....
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Has Jasmine's father gone drag queen?
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Tiffany-chan123Student Digital Artist
okay..this is wierd yet....Actualy kinda awesome XD
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm getting the vibe that you're one of those loathesome SJWs that skulk around the internet poisoning everything they touch. 
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
I suspect you're young and angry, so I'm inclined to be kind towards you... but regardless of what I am or am not, if you think that the idea of "justice" in society is poison then you're a bad guy.
I highly encourage you to reconsider your reflexive hatred and address whatever the fuck is really going on because comments like yours are pathetic cries for attention.
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am actually very calm, it is YOU who has a warped idea of "justice". You self-righteous hypocrites whine and complain 'til the cows come home about how poor, poor women have unrealistic body images placed on them in fiction when men are subjected to images of impossibly muscular superheroes which for some reason you absolutely don't care about despite being all about equality. 
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Actually, I am very sensitive to how men are portrayed as perfect brutish musclemen in popular culture. But it's not a zero sum game, I can support more diverse female characters and body-types AND care about masculine performance in popular culture as well.

Though (and here's the really important part) the problem with beauty standards are not equal for both genders. Looking at video games... sure there are plenty of fictional men who look like Kratos... but there are also male characters that are fat and average (Mario), or kinda feminine and small (Link), or just ugly (Blanka from street fighter). Game women, on the other hand, are not allowed nearly the same kind of diversity.
Hell, look at comics. All of batman's male villains are ugly, some are deformed, others are inhuman... but the female villains are all 10 out of 10 hotties.
 Who-is-your-favorite-female-villain-from-batman-30 by Christopher-Stoll   

There is a HUGE culture-wide imbalance, and it's clear that women don't get nearly the same variety of bodies. There's a difference in what women are allowed to be in popular media, and video games/comics especially.

Now this doesn't mean that male representation isn't a problem, but it's weird that you're looking across all of popular culture and then going "why aren't we focusing more on the very few (very specific) problems that involve men."

It's a very weird, very myopic, and very selfish worldview.
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thing is most of us MRA-aligned folks don't care about what fictional characters look like ( I may have forgotten to mention that part) because we are smart enough to realize they are well, fictional. Also what do you mean that game women aren't allowed the same kind of diversity as men? Just look at Toadette here, who's flat chested and childlike, let's also talk about Zarya here, while a fairly recent character certainly is not conventionally attractive; these Warcraft ladies are also not all 10/10 hotties despite having curves and boobs. this female Trollkin from IKRPG? Big and muscular like Zarya beforehand. Chubby Mario and similar goofy guys are meant to be seen as funny, something to giggle at; fat ladies, true they're also used as great overfed butts for jokes, almost entirely with very little men have been benefiting from the "body positivity" craze nowadays while it is very rare you'll find an obese man be described as "big and beautiful".

As for me only focusing on the very few (very specific) problems that involve men, let see some of the very few (very specific) problems that involve men:

Men getting harsher sentences for the same crime as a woman's.

Domestic abuse shelters for men/both genders being near nonexistent due to "equality" supporting feminists picketing them.

Male rape/abuse victims getting little help if not flat out dismissed and laughed at by.

Men are more likely to commit suicide.

Men are less likely to graduate from college.

Women often being portrayed as more sympathetic and therefore more valuable than men.

More money is being spent on breast cancer that prostate and lung cancer combined.

I'm sure you've heard all these arguments before from straight white men like me so i'm just gonna give you kudos for not blocking me like i'd expect you might would, that is something i can respect. 
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GugnuglStudent Traditional Artist
First things first: The Picture is awesome! I didn't even see the gun because i was so startlet by -well- i don't know. I think i would talk to -him? her? hir? hem? would be an interesting conversation, people far away from your own way of life can give you new inspiration and things to think about.

(Note: english is not my first Laguage)   
I really enjoyed yout discussion. Both of you have good Arguments and understandable point of views. I just wanna ad somethin on my own to Helixdude  (i know it's long ago but idk)

-Men have more bodypower then women. Most of them are stronger then me. They know this on a very instinktive level; which they often use without even recocnising it. 
It really makes me angry, if i have to concur with this "bodylanguage" argument, as it has nothing to do with the discussed topic and resultes often in the wrong decision.
Their Bodypower and the following use as an "argument" often causes positive results (not only with woman but with 9 out of 10 woman) 
-and therefore the lerned behavior i hate so much (call it "aggression" or "chauvinism") is stablelised and cemented in every culture.

Men getting harsher sentences for the same crime as a woman's. - 
Not every time,but in the most cases (i agree) only as long as the self induced bubble of "womans are generally better then man and a crime by a woman always has a good reason" is popping. Mothers hurting ther Childs is such a touchy theme.  But the sentences of law are not the same as the sentences of the social environment! 
If a male kills somebody out of aggression he will probably have a hard time when he leaves Prison, but with luck there is a place to live for him. He will be stated as aggressive, as he has "a Problem"

-If a Woman kills somenbody out of aggression, she will be stated a insane and unstable, dangerous without positive aspects, by her social environment.
She will be statet AS a Problem and therefore MADE insane by not accepting her, to get her away from yourself. Whatch your feelings as you read this. Do you got different feelings for the Man and the Woman? Can you sense it?

Domestic abuse shelters for men/both genders being near nonexistent due to "equality" supporting feminists picketing them
Male rape/abuse victims getting little help if not flat out dismissed and laughed at by.
I agree fully, but the picking part is not the feminist, it is the cost calculator. As rape for Males is not fitting the cultural chauvinism, there is a common unsaid aggreement in culture not to put them to topic, and that there is no need to spent money on them.  This is even more brutal then raping woman and needs to be changed, but i do not know what to do about this.

Men are more likely to commit suicide.
in total, yes. Most alcoholism victims are male, too. But that doesen't mean that women suffer less or have no idea to comit suicide or drinking too much.
They just talked about it and were stopped (beeing labeled "insane"). Therefore most mental ilnesses (and labels to be "insane") are endured by women.

Men are less likely to graduate from college.

Interesting- WHY ARE MOST LEADERS  MALE, THEN? is whisdom, learnig Abilities, concentration, knowledege, emotional skills etc. less powerfull then aggression?

Women often being portrayed as more sympathetic and therefore more valuable than men.
They are portrayed by men, as mostly leaders are male. If you portraid persons of the other Gender you will (if you are hetero) more often think they are nice.
(They are not, btw). Also i repeat my Question from above: WHY ARE MOST LEADERS  MALE, THEN? The one who screams "Me!" for leadership is not the best candidate to be the Leader!

More money is being spent on breast cancer that prostate and lung cancer combined
Talking about Money: more Money is earned by men. Man brings the Money home and find his wife with cancer. Man spends Money to do everything for his beloved.
Industrie reacts to Money, as there is a huge amount of it to heal Women from cancer 
reverse: Women comes home/ is at home, her Husbend gets cancer. Women spends all her Money to heal her beloved.

All women with cancer ill Husbends have together less Money to heal him then all Man with cancer ill Women to heal her. 

My conclusion
Men are not better then women, both genders are equal nice, lovable, evil, good, valuable and worthy.
But it is time the men take a step back. If they would do half the work in growing up children -for example- the Human population would grow less faster then now. 
As long as the global economy idea is growing (which i stereotype as one Form of Male aggression; "conquer") the damages on the one and only Earth we live on will increase.
There are a few ugly themes and ideas in the World but over time we as humanity will solve it.
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QydraHobbyist General Artist
I've drifted into the weird side of DA again...
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I want to look away in disgust but I just can't stop laughing...
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Nyros-PantsHobbyist General Artist
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AliceInBondageLandProfessional Filmographer
Best. Fan. Art. Ever.
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BulldozerIvanHobbyist General Artist
My sentiments exactly.
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BirangothHobbyist General Artist
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