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Pikachu Anatomy- Pokedex Entry


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Raichu Anatomy- Pokedex Entry by Christopher-Stoll
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They must be able to drink sea water with sodium needs as major as that. More than any other creatures, their salt requirements are especially high, and often are found licking the roads in the winter, causing wrecks by drivers trying to avoid them, or if failing to see it in time, hitting one, frying the batteries of the car in a dying but powerful burst of futile panic power, maybe even electrocuting the driver. This has made ice melt alternatives to salt in high demand.

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Is there a Pichu one?
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r/blursedimages oh god

Grand-Lobster-King's avatar
Who needs sleep anyways?
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A Pikachu can live up to 20 years.
Ash Ketchum:
DeviantPenguin40's avatar

well if ash doesn't age then pikachu doesnt either

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Seems legit😂
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Is is amazing but sort of terrifying too.
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This. Is . So. Good. :)
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Nintendo should hire you.
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These diagrams are both well done, and disturbing.
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bruh its a meme

ik it takes effort to make dis

Eagle-of-the-Deserts's avatar
This is very realistic, very interesting. I like this. ;)
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My childhood is ruined :|
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
He’s a rodent; you got the teeth all wrong.
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Leo-17-0-2's avatar
Yes. Please Eevee next!
butchholladay's avatar
Creepy yet interesting... Can you do this with transformers?
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