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Wow! That's neat.
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Nice job! I'm curious how you'd deconstruct Reinhardt's armor since his gauntlets seem a lot larger/longer than his arms actually are out of armor.
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I imagine something like this, but made of metal and motorized.
clovercarmen5's avatar
i think the armor is a bit larger than that. kinda like reinhardt's armor
crayset's avatar
I think he is asking why she is a *RACIAL SLUR*
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Genji's is probably going to be the most screwd up.
TrialCaptainMina's avatar
He's gonna need some healing, that's for sure
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
no point in super advance government issue armor if Literal JUNK can penetrate through into the skin
Estonius's avatar
Wicked cool style and details!
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As much as I hate Pharah, (I main Junkrat and she's the bane of my existance, hence the nickname, Terror Bird) I really love seeing all the details that make that suit work. In fact, I thought this was from a Blizzard Art book or something at first!
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I thought she was a robot with a human head! :p

Awesome work. Love it. :3
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nice work. very detailed.
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Please do a Widowmaker one:) (Smile) 
So where is ... Justice? XD It's amazing work - ty vm =)
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A beautifully rendered piece. Made my afternoon in fact.
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