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Omanyte Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

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davisnovaHobbyist Digital Artist
Tbh, was expecting another graveler... i thought chris would describe omanytes mating rituals XD
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Lord Helix! You've returned!
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
I guess re-creating Omanytes is like reassembling a pokemon from corrupted degraded data in a voltode or voltag or what.

And, in the real world, we talk about re-creating dinosaurs. There was a program on WNET on the problems with THAT. The last question was: why?
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Pinaz9Hobbyist Writer
Why? We do what we must, because we can.
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Great work 
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gavrevil's avatar
keep going with the great things
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
"Not yet yielded a self-sustaining breeding population."

Don't lie to me, those fossils can be revived in less than a minute. :)
supr3m3panda's avatar
Praise be to Lord Helix!
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H E L I X !
AGiLE-EaGLE1994's avatar
AGiLE-EaGLE1994Hobbyist General Artist
Omanyte is cute x3
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Just a minor criticism: Not capitalizing the names of chemicals would make it look more professional.
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WereMaster15Hobbyist Artist
I though they went extinct because when they evolve into omastar its shell became so heavy that it lost its ability to swim effectively starving them.
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Nice work with this one as usual. I'd like to see a Diglett anatomy :-)
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AuPlauSeStudent Artist
You did an amazing job on this one :iconchristopher-stoll:. Say will you do an anatomy of an Orishan (alien from Ben 10)?
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Dat-MudkipHobbyist Artist
You didn't capitalize "staryu"...
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H E L I X !
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Zinrius Digital Artist

But Awesome! Well done. 
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