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Meowth Anatomy- Pokedex Entry


Bonus Writing-
Meowth's association with coins and wealth comes from many ancient societies where their annually discarded forehead bones were used as a form of currency. In modern day, they have no real value but are occasionally kept as souvenirs by Meowth owners who wish to document their Pokémon's growth. 

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pookiesaurus4's avatar
I'm pretty sure whiskers don't have nerves in them
Eagle-of-the-Deserts's avatar
There might be nerves in these particular whiskers, Pokemon can sometimes be confusing, but I wouldn't know for sure. I'v never dissected a meowth before, neither do I want to. ;)
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Then why are you winking?
"Most intelligent Pokemon" what?! Does Alakazam having an IQ of 5,000 not count?
Ascoutnoonelikes's avatar
Nah, my boy Ala is nothin' but a showoff.
meowths, the ancient pest killers that humans domesticated
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar

Does this mean that there’s wild, North African Meowths, with gray fur and a “coin” that looks more like a Roman Denarius than the old feudal Japanese gold coins?

SaryTheWolf's avatar
I like the coin=dear antler thing.
KillerSandy's avatar
Yes. Anatomy! :heart:
Very nice work. I like, as you developed the muscles, joints and bones. 
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Meowth!! That's right.
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Saerphe's avatar
This is really neat, especially with the idea of the coin being more akin to an antler than an actual piece of metal. :)

Though given that all Pokemon hatch from eggs and none (except maybe Miltank) appear to produce milk for their young, I have to wonder if certain Pokemon can be truly classified as 'mammalian' - though I know your use of the word is more a description of Meowth's furry, presumably warm-blooded physiology. I have so many questions about how taxonomy works in the Pokemon world. :XD:
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Pokemon taxonomy, I did a thing about that: Pokemon Tax-tree
It doesn't necessary gel with the cannon though.
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
This is a very astute comment, there's a lot of biological weirdness going on when you take a close look at Pokémon. Even the word "mammal" comes from the world "Mammary gland" which Pokémon don't seem to have (or need). And although there are egg-laying mammals, they still produce milk for their young (though not with nipples) and nurture them in a way that is antithetical to the behavior of most Pokémon. 

Long story short- you're right, Meowth is being described as mammalian due to its superficial resemblance to cats and not because its biology actually lines up with what we know "mammals" to be. There isn't really a better word for them, unless I want to invent a bunch of fictional biological classes. And I seriously don't have time for that :P (plus they'd all probably sound silly and made-up).

If you're curious about the basics of Pokémon biology, I do go into it in more detail in the full Pokémon anatomy textbook. 
It's not currently available yet, but Patreon supporters get a 65 page excerpt that (among other things) describes Pokémon eggs in more detail
Saerphe's avatar
Ha, I don't think anybody has time to get quite into that amount of detail. But it's interesting to think about. :)

Wish I could, but I am unfortunately a broke grad student. Might start saving for when the book comes out though, 'cause it looks really cool! ^_^
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
One word: Monotremes. Currently they are classified as mammals.
Saerphe's avatar
That's true, but they still produce milk for their young, and as far as I know in canon, all Pokemon can and do eat solid food as soon as they hatch. :shrug:
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Probably has to do with game mechanics.
Well see, there are 18 of these things called types...

More seriously, that does seem to be the extent of taxonomy in Pokémon, they don't really have species groups in a way we'd recognize. (Though they do have groups of Pokémon who can only reproduce with each other, a guy named Saphroneth figured out that aside from the asexuals any given Pokémon could potentially have any Pokémon in its ancestry.)
Saerphe's avatar
See, that's what I find interesting about the taxonomy. Since taxonomy is largely based on physiology, and almost any Pokemon can interbreed (at least at some point), how would that affect systems of taxonomy in the Pokemon world? Beyond just type, that is. Especially with certain abilities and moves being available to Pokemon that don't share the same type - like every Pokemon can learn the move Toxic, even though most non-Poison types have no reference to being able to produce venoms or poisons.

I suppose it might have something to do with Mew being the common ancestor of all other Pokemon and being able to use every move? I dunno. It is ultimately a game/show and I'm overthinking it, but it's fun to theorize. :)
AvalonCezar's avatar
uol great informations
jikirga's avatar
God to see you back with full sketches. It's always interesting to see. As for the next Pokémon to be shown, I'd like to request Totodile just for kicks. :)
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
For the next few weeks I'll be releasing only first gen Pokémon, but Patrons get to vote on future releases and will be soon be choosing which later Gen Pokémon will have their anatomy deconstructed :)
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