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Master Chief Deconstructed

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Please do Marcus Fenix deconstructed and general raam deconstructed
Sbypjy111497's avatar
Since of coarse we don’t now chiefs face after almost 18 years
You do see his face, but only in childhood, and if you do really well in the latest game, you even glimpse a small portion of his adult face.
URBANHOOD's avatar
So he has no skin ? gg . 
TheFourteenthPrimus's avatar
No, he does have skin.
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NICE ONE !looking forward for the fallout power armor suit  ! :D
the spartans have no mechanical additions under the skin or even in their armor, they have just received genetic increases. In short, everything is increased at home and therefore don't need any mechanical additions or surgical arrangements
No, Halsey’s diary (included with Reach Limited Edition) talks about the augmentations the SPARTAN-IIs have
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I love this image, I really do, but a big fan of the lore, I can't help but point out that this is a grossly inaccurate depiction of Spartan-II augmentations.
Mikemicproductions's avatar
yeah theyre actually more dangerous and harsh when they underwent augmentations, They had their nuerological injections to make them react quicker, same with their eyes to make them almost see perfectly. muscle augmentation muscle enhancement injections where near unbreakable material is coated over their skeletal structure, making their bones almost unbreakable. and many others. Not only that, they had to have all these augmentations done at once and not under anesthetics. A painful procedure, some didn't survive the augmentation process or their bodies rejected it, crippling them, and the others of course succeeded creating what we know as the spartan 2's. and as we know the later programs used more perfected and less risky augmentation procedures. 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
No wonder he never takes off his mask. Or armour.
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Demontri's avatar
Spartans don't wear the armor. They ARE the armor.
JUSTinnator4's avatar
Lol, except Locke, Bucky, and every Spartan seen out of their armor who also takes off their helmet.
12jack12's avatar
It's well done :nod:

Only one error that I can see.  The Spartans' bone are not augmented with metal.  It was told in the book 'The Fall of Reach' that all the Spartans had their bones calcified  to harden them.  Several of the Spartans did not survive the augmentation or were crippled during the procedure.
FANSILVER's avatar
I thought he was human In his suit, but more a supersoldier type.


: o
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He is, they have just been surgically enhanced and experimented on.
I took off the skin because part of the point of Master-Chief is that you never see his face. Plus I wanted to demonstrate the bio-mechanical surgical additions.  
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They did more experiments on him?? I thought they did only one that made him jacked
FANSILVER's avatar
Oh I see.


K.~ :D
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