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Magikarp Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

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SoniaTheBlackFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
It has no brain... MY LIFE IS A LIE
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Veyr interesting. But Magikarp are also able to leap over mountains, apparently. How does THAT happen?
GoldenGlow2's avatar
You need a space in "abeached" Magikarp.
NotSoFunny2142's avatar
Love the fact it has no brain.
DaVoreFan2017's avatar
Poor Magikarp...
processing43893's avatar
Kind of strange that you would have Magikarp laying eggs. I always thought Gyarados was the adult stage of Magikarp's life cycle and that Gyarados would be the one to lay Magikarp eggs..
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YukidasaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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FeatherHearts71Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, this is fake some artists want to see their comments this is spam. It's annoying and fake.
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zippenipsHobbyist General Artist
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wog1pifftingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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KrinmuHobbyist General Artist
Oh look,
It's a good ol' deformed carp.
(I mean it looks almost identical to a regular carp's anatomy.)
gavrevil's avatar
nice, it would be awesome to see it evolved
i thought that the trashing and the splahing was just for comedy, didn't thought that it would be a defense mechanism
great work
Ganondox's avatar
GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
More realistically it would just be trying to get back into the water. 
thealdor64's avatar
you couldn't help yourself with the whole flying gyarados thing could you :D
benmode's avatar
benmodeProfessional Digital Artist
Can you have Metapod, with just Caterpie using a cellphone inside. 
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
That's actually really funny.
DeathJAVUskull's avatar
DeathJAVUskullHobbyist Traditional Artist
MAKE THIS HAPPEN ahaha, kind of just to take a break from your usual awesome anatomy drawings, draw one that's funny. XD
zaba113's avatar
In real life, Magikarp would be kind though fish.
Zabutur's avatar
These are bloody brilliant when all is said and done, and I salute you.

Are you going to do all 151 of the original Pokemon? Or just the 1st-stages/non-evos?

Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
The plan is to do all 151.
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blackmushroom555Hobbyist General Artist
omg yes!! this is soooo cool!!!
MrKekMan's avatar
So this is the what the anatomy of the gods looks like.

Also, I love your Pokemon Anatomy series. It's so cool! Wish it got more attention.
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GamedracoArtStudent General Artist
This is a really creepy and cool concept.
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