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Hanzo, you baka!

It makes me wonder just what the crap did Hanzo do to him when he tried to kill him that left him like this. It just makes him seem brutal to me.
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Honestly, I've always wondered how Genji looked under his armor.
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Man, I love how in-depth this goes. But... Hanzo, just what on earth did you do to your poor brother?
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Ummm Michael Chu actually confirmed Genji still has his penis btw.
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Hmm, interesting. :) Realistically I don't think he'd look like this underneath his armour - he probably still has all the same human parts as his Blackwatch skin, minus his left arm (which clearly looks the same as his other one). Also, it was confirmed fairly recently that he still has his lower male parts, if you know what I mean ;) As I said though, it's still always interesting to see other people's takes on Genji. That's one thing I love about him as a character - everyone has their own slightly different version of him and I love it :D
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So Blizzard or one of its employees specifically said Genji's lower body was intact?
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Yeah, Michael Chu (Overwatch's main writer) said in a Blizzcon interview that Genji still has certain parts of his lower body. You know which parts I'm talking about, lol. It was posted about on Tumblr shortly after Blizzcon last year:… I also think that if Genji is still intact in that area, it's likely that most (if not all) of his torso is also intact underneath his armour and cybernetics. But that's just how I see it :)
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Well good for him.
I never knew how jacked up Genji was under his armour. Poor guy's been neutered! Great art!
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