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Gastly Anatomy- Pokedex Entry

It's finally here. The most requested PokéNatomy yet. You. Are. Welcome. 

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These are the coolest!

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I don't play these games anymore and don't have any particular desire to, but There's a pretty good chance i'm getting that book anyway
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If he lasts a year... how the hell did the gastly in ingdigo league survived a century..?
LillyEddy88's avatar
Just gathered more bacteria, I geuss.
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This was a quite creative explanation for gastly's various attributes. One question however, how does this bacterial gas cloud propulse itself? 
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Making Gastly a bacterial colony is an awesome idea but I think some kind of floating slimemode would be better, after all the strange little protests have the ability the act like one large organism of a sort, were as I haven't heard of any bacteria doing this.
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Sheer brilliance.
arcana-nan's avatar
so does that mean gastly is made of farts

oh dear I guess you could say hes gastly indeed
AHAHAH! Indeed!
Master-Kankuro's avatar
Now this is quite a unique approachment how this Pokemon could "work"" like.
Oroum's avatar
That's a very interesting take... Now how the hell does it use the Lick move ?
Saerphe's avatar
This is a really interesting take on Gastly! I'm hoping once I get a job I'll be able to afford to buy the book so I can see how its evolutions work too. :)
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Wow, that's really cool!
Airship-King's avatar
Interesting. So, in this explanation, how do their mouths and eyes form?
PinkieKilledRD's avatar
now I'm wondering about Haunter and Gengar
GahmahRaan's avatar
Very interesting. This even helps justify the poison-typing. Though I wonder how this would apply to Haunter and Gengar since they've been established as living shadows (and the latter being stated to be an undead human in later games).

And how would these sketches be applied to other ghost-types, such as the ones stated to be undead humans like Yamask and Phantump?
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im going to regret making this comment soon, but...
  Professor Oak, I don't feel so good...
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That's an intriguing take on ghosts; they're just bacterial manifestations of the deceased host. :O 
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