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Doggo of War- Pug

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Part of a new series I'm kicking around. Let me know in the comments which breed you'd like to see next! 

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Doggo of War- Beagle by Christopher-Stoll Doggo of War- Shiba Inu by Christopher-Stoll
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felineforthebeeline's avatar
Its a series of medieval war dogs? Heck yee
OttoTheTwistedOwl's avatar
Hey! Just wondering if you could maybe do one of two things! Maybe you could do something based off of my art, or, as I love the fusions of organisms you used to make, maybe do an owl and a bat?
1LuckyRus1's avatar
Это Dawg? xd
IndigoWizard's avatar
Oh no, the nazis have knights
grisador's avatar
Goodest of 🅱oi 's :)
matcha-royaltea's avatar
Bedlington Terrier.

I'm so sorry.
MDTartist83's avatar
ShadeFallen's avatar
This reminds me of Pugmire. I wonder if OPP has reached out to you or vice versa.
ATS1979's avatar
Border collie

Doberman pinscher
SuperKaemo's avatar
You should have a look at Pugmire - a dog-based tabletop RPG

I love this image!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Corgis, funny fact some people believe fairies use them as war mounts. 
"it's a dog-eat-dog world out there" - veteran knight who seen soldiers become cannibals
Echo-Chrysanthemum's avatar
for more breeds?
I'd like to see pit bulls or shiba inus maybe?
TheHeartlessHippie's avatar
You asked what breed we want to see next, so how about a pit bull or rottweiler? Idk ;w;
CTG22's avatar
This is cool, i love pugs <3 
zodiacart14's avatar
This is really heckin good 👌
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Heck yea, motherhecker! 
zodiacart14's avatar
Well heckity hecks watch your heckin language lolol
constelloser's avatar
this is the greatest thing I've ever seen
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