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Bulbasaur Anatomy- Pokedex Entry


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Excellent art, however some of the informatipn you present is outright incorrect, at least as far as behavior goes. We see multiple examples of bulbasaur gathering together in the anime. While not nearly as 'definitive', unlike Parascet, whose 'dex entries go out their way to talk about it, there's no mention of the plant taking over the host. Considering how often Gamefreak likes to slip in distrubing facts about pokémon in the 'dex, I feel the lack of such with bulbasaur is a fair indication that such is not the case.

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I think these are epic! :D
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did you ever do one of mewtwo? he's my fav pokemon 
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awww his brain is so tiny! love the art though keep it up
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First time seeing the inside of a Pokemon's body!
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I want this to be cannon so badly-
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I'm really curious about what your description of those later evolution phases where the plant assumes more control would be! Does it become sentient? Does the host end up on autopilot, losing consciousness, or do they share control? Something different?
This is really cool! It just frustrates me when Bulbasaur is compared to a toad. "Saur" literally means "lizard". So it is more likely some kind of dinosaur-like creature, rather than a toad. 
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This is both some of the most hilarious things I've ever seen, and yet some of the most fascinatingly f*** up at the same damn time!
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It's just a stupid chain comment.
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It is spam and can get you in trouble for spamming it around.
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I've been wondering what was inside the bulb of a bulbasaur. :wow:
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People find this creepy and childhood-destroying, but to be honest I find this really cool :)
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Destroying childhood in 3, 2, 1...
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O.O Interesting.
Plutonian-Frostmonky's avatar
Well, its now creepier than Parasect
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