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Batman vs. Jesus

  • The Feminomicon is an artistic guidebook chronicling mythical women from around the world, written and illustrated in the style of the legendary Lovecraftian tome.
  • It's an 8"x10" heavy hardcover, approximately 150 pages long; featuring a durable double binding, and high-quality photo paper.
  • A great coffee table art book for anyone who loves mythology, monsters, women, and fantasy art.
  • A collection dedicated to obscure and forgotten female creatures with a focus on diversity and female empowerment.

The winner of my last WHO VS. WHO Battle Poll! Just slightly beating out Thor vs. Princess Mononoke!
Make sure you vote on my next one! It’s currently going on HERE AND NOW!! :D
A few hours of finger-painting on the ipad.

Please don’t start fights in the comments about religion.

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I think they implied that the Batman that Laughs did something similar to this by defeating the Specter and the Mysterious Stranger.

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The Dark Knight punching the Son of 'god' in the face...:O_o:

I never knew how much I needed this until I saw it! :evillaugh:

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Winner: Batman (The Dark Knight and True Devil), RIP Jesus
Where's the long white robe, the honkin' big cross on his chest, and the long white(ish) robes?  And with his hand nailed to the cross, how can he throw Juses Puches?

And does his cross fly?  I bet NOT!

(Legend of the Liquid Sword, 1993, where Jesus fights Batman and drives him off.  By the way, Jesus is a charlatan and Batman's a vampire.  Yes, it's a weird movie.  About 1:29:00 in the movie, and the whole thing's on YouTube.)
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Batman as much as I like him, would never have a chance. 1. He's fictional, 2. Jesus is Good the Son...
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3. Jesus is fictional
4. Batman is more remembered then Jesus nowadays
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Actually Jesus is proven... Batman is just a made up character.
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Belief isn't "proof"
I can say " hey look because this problem was solved and this one dude was brought to justice this proves that this fictional diety named Zeus is real" but it isn't true just because i say it or if millions say it
Artifacts dont prove they exist unless historical evidence was brought up
science has broken the mindless praying to a fake god and into the realm of actual understanding how things really work
We can admit we are wrong , and learn from our mistakes rather than cause suffering
But besides the religious part I personally don't judge or care where your beliefs or background is , I'm sure your a good person
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"Science has broken the mindless praying to a fake god" actually no. Read "God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion" by Bob Johnson. Good stuff, the Creator has evidence behind it and actually cannot be disproven by the science you tout. Do agree that judging by beliefs should take a backseat to judging by more prudent things like actions, though.

Back to the matter at hand, Jesus can defeat a literal fallen angel-turned-Ghidorah-esque dragon (which scales to lesser angels able to track and follow light-speed sunlight, solo entire armies and destroy entire cities) whereas Batman is still only a man incapable of anything beyond somewhat-superhuman feats and gadgets that Christ's miraculous abilities would have no problem casting aside like toys.

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Christopher-Stoll I guess you can say that Jesus "Nailed" it... FUCK YOU GOD
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This is fucking awesome. who's gonna win?
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Placing Bets Now!

Who thinks Batman?

Who thinks Jesus?
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There is actually a comic (at4w showed it)  where Jesus actually fights someone in melee.
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Jesus would convince batman to stop
First off... jesus wouldnt fight back, and batman would stop seeing jesus as a threat, jesus would probably forgive batman but also tell him to stop batmanning
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Batman is an atheist.
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No one knows what anyone is in a comic book universe is.

Or I can just say Batman is an estranged Christian. No evidence offered.
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