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Abra Anatomy- Pokedex Entry
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Published: September 16, 2016
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Youllexpectnothing's avatar
I was expecting to see more demons and childrens nightmares inside that body of it..
Oh wait, that's hypno...
Crimzen250's avatar
Crimzen250Hobbyist General Artist
That's a really interesting take on abra!
moros100's avatar
moros100Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool concepts. Something i never thought i'd see
Ganondox's avatar
GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
I thought you said something in the Drowsee one about their abilities NOT being psychic. The idea they could have an understanding of the quantum states of every particle in their body is clearly impossible, violating both information theory and quantum mechanics, and the idea they could use such information to teleport by shifting their information to another set of particles is just absurd. Would have been better to just say "magic" than this pseudo-scientific nonsense. I really wouldn't have even been bothered if you didn't post that on comment on the Drowsee one. 
Doomslicer's avatar
Do they breathe, or is the air teleported in and out as well with the nostrils being vestigial? 
RabidLeroy's avatar
RabidLeroyStudent General Artist
So next time your dinner goes missing into the blue, we all know who to blame!
Ubersupersloth's avatar
Wait, if they live in isolation all the time, how do they breed with others of their kind? Or is that a job for Kadabras? (Since I imagine Alakazam's will be a mutation that only occurs under captivity).
gavrevil's avatar
awesome and awesome, i like psychic powers (though you gave me a K.O. with the quantum)
those sort of things are the reason i started meditating, too bad it doesn't go that easy (the best i coult do was to see pitch-black darkness and hear bzzz noises, felt creepy)
funny thing with the eating
you're great
ReaveT93's avatar
So basically Abra make for terrible house pets.
supr3m3panda's avatar
Truly, Abra are deserving of the title of laziest Pokemon ever.
Rahula87's avatar
Rahula87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Another amazing descritpion, i've learned a lot of new things! Thank you^^
grievousvsdarkahsoka's avatar
grievousvsdarkahsokaStudent Digital Artist
can't wait for Charizard or Cubone
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Say please.
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Well, only since you asked so nicely...
Xerxan's avatar
XerxanHobbyist Digital Artist
If an Abra comes across an especially obnoxious trainer, they have been known to teleport a steaming pile of dooky into said human's mouth.
SaryTheWolf's avatar
SaryTheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait... so you can be walking along and in the time it takes to register that ground in front of you is poop free and put your foot down on said ground... an Abra Poop could just appear there and *bam* Abra poop on your shoe.
Tineid's avatar
TineidHobbyist Digital Artist
"While in deep mediation or REM sleep..."
I'm guessing you meant meditation. =)

I love the concept of a creature that's evolved an actual dependency on teleportation for its physiological processes. A very unique idea.
Christopher-Stoll's avatar
Christopher-StollProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
I've corrected the mistake, proofreading isn't my strong suit.
Madelonetjj's avatar
MadelonetjjStudent General Artist
the most important thing I learned from this is that Abra doesn't poop  
Ganondox's avatar
GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
Nah, they poop, they just poop using teleportation. 
Madelonetjj's avatar
MadelonetjjStudent General Artist
which seems a very roundabout way of pooping
Ganondox's avatar
GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
It gets job done with much less mess. No need for stinky anuses. 
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