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i believe Judy will let him go, or else he wont believe her anymore.

Thank you for reading until this page,
hope you like this simple story for Nick and Judy.

p/s: i try to learn the way of drawing animals in Disney style, i have so much to learn.

this is Nick and Judy from the movie, Zootopia.

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GoFigureComicsHobbyist Artist
Very cute Comic! XD
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TsuriaDragonHobbyist Filmographer
This is why I love Judy so much she's so sneaky maybe even sneakier than Nick x3 
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Not as sneaky as I am.
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Toonsgirl27Hobbyist General Artist
She just wanted an excuse for Nick to carry her! XD
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Ace-CatelHobbyist Digital Artist
Judy is definitely taking advantage of the free ride.
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lol i like your idea. who doesn't love free transport?
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Derracias-35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I loved aal this history.^^
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nekoshappiness33Hobbyist General Artist
This was a great, creative, comic!!  I love how Judy pulled one over on Nick.  Judy rocks!!
christon-clivef's avatar
judy is so smart, XD
thanks a lot!!
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And I bet you know what clawhauser would think as Nick finally topples over.
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Nick16WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
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y-cakesHobbyist Digital Artist
adorable AF!
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"It's called a hustle swee-" *drop* "...ow."
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Haha! Thanks for this comic, bro. You make me smile sweet now :happy: 
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maybelleteaProfessional General Artist
tbh this is just in character for judy LOL I don't think she'd cry like that so easily xD loved it!
christon-clivef's avatar
LOL yeah! she is a tough bunny!! and sly, too XD
thank you so much btw!XD
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93FangShadowHobbyist General Artist
E: :XD: Awwwww this two are just great! They are both dumb and sly and Aaaaan just love them :la: You did a nice short comic :)
christon-clivef's avatar
XDDDDD they all have some plans to play pranks to each others XDD
thank you so much btw! :hug:
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93FangShadowHobbyist General Artist
E: You are very welcome :glomp:
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hahaha! Sly bunny, dumb fox huh. Nice comic
christon-clivef's avatar
hehe yeah XDD i love their settings. XD thank you so much!
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PLEASE DO MOAR! maybe one of them would want to do more than hugs? >:3
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XDD gah then it might not suitable to be drawn? XDDD(just kidding)
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do you have a nsfw account somewhere? >:3
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