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another spent-too-much-time drawing.
i am feeling lazier and lazier as i proceed, and i keep skipping what i planned in my sketch lol (for exp, the pattern on the bed)
the shadow of window is killing me. PLEASE do not observe them because i didn't fix details well LOL

This is basically how i spent my holiday in my grandma (my mother's side) house when i was young.
The room doesnt have fan on ceiling, but only two small and old fans on the table and the floor. I remembered i always woke up in midnight and feel the sweat on my neck.
but i like to sleep until the sun burns me to wake me up too xD
and i can have my breakfast/lunch right after i woke up.
its simple but sweet memories for me. Miss the old days!

i hope you enjoy this drawing too!
by now i work on morning and seize some time to draw on night. I wish i can do commission BUT i think i will just leave some time to draw what i like and what i need to practice.
thank you for always supporting me and leave me comments <3 <3
(btw i do not know what to put in tags...)
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E: The first thing I thought when I saw this was just "Kids be like that, sprawled out and wanting to sleep the day away" XD

I'm glad you shared some more fond memories through your art! It's fun to find out how others grew up or at least what they remember while growing up. I didn't have air conditioning in my home while growing up so we would have fans on at night to cool down the house. I normally just couldn't sleep till it cooled down some. I wouldn't want to get up in the morning till I got overheated too.

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xD it was old me!

i am happy you share your memory with me too! xD

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谢谢你哈哈 光影还是很苦恼的

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会 会吗.. 我感觉我还是很多放面需要改进的,尤其人体肢体方面吧^^;


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Good morning friend, So Adorable!!!!!!<333.
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This is awesome! Can we get one just like this but at night and he falls asleep with the light off, tv on and a game controller in one hand?
Much love, great work!<3
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oh my your words remind me something. I always love to watch my siblings play the old cassette video games (dunno the correct word) in midnight. Sweet memory too! xD

thank you anyway <3

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So cute and endearing a moment. ^^
Beautifully Heartwarming
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Nice and sweet dreams... Good work christ! thanx!
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I wish I was THAT comfy in my bed ;-;
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I agree with the previous comment, this is a super cozy drawing! It's really cute, too!
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Such a cozy image. I honestly can relate.
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