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Nanotyrannus is a genus of dinosaur. It was erected in 1988 for a small tyrannosaurid skull, previously described in 1946 (Gilmore) as Albertosaurus lancensis. Initial research indicated that the skull bones were fused, and that it therefore represented an adult specimen. Subsequent work has cast doubt on this and some paleontologists no longer consider it a valid genus. The fossil was a contemporary of Tyrannosaurus rex, and some believe it to be a juvenile T.rex.

A find in 2001 was thought to represent the first Nanotyrannus skeleton, but was subsequently found to be a juvenile Tyrannosaurus
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Wow, the angle is just amazing.
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=D fantastic, i never grew out of dinosours =P and i see you didnt either. May i ask if you use reference? and if you do were do you get it?
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I keep running into your artwork. You are very talented. Keep up the good work.
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I come back from my vacations and I have started reading the messages now, so thanx a lot :D