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Jane painted a nude Daria

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The fourth one in the Daria sarcasm-o-thon marathon. I don't know how much i will making. I had an objective of five, but since this time i have found many more hilarious sarcasm-o-thon who need a little adaptation.

This one is probably the most anticipated, but i can be wrong.

The first one : [link]
The second one : [link]
The third one : [link]
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Daria, posing naked for a picture? Interesting idea and concept, considering that Daria won't even go barefoot!:D ;)

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The funniest thing on the morgandorffer TV was when it  said:

Guys who fall in love with smart cartoon girls! Next, on Sick, Sad World!

I did a double-take.

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Great! Now make this again without the screen, and have the guys outside pulling their dix.
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I love Trent and Tom looking at naked Daria!

But why is there paint all over her?
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So i can make the joke with the hand and the face.
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Daria face tho. *laughs hysterically*
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So that is how Jane paints her french girls.
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they look good as a couple
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Hahaha Trent's comment abouthis eyes open... <3
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I wanna Sick sad world furniture :O
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Love the "Sick, Sad World" standing screen. :)
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This is just -made- of awesome. I love the premise to begin with (though it probably took one hell of a bribe to get her to actually agree to it), but the adorable little Tom & Trent... I could just hear his (Trent's) voice in my mind, the way it sounded when he first met Brittany &.. her breasts.

"Whhoaa." *blinkblink*
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xDD The face of Trent lol
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LMAO Trent and Tom's faces in the window are PRICELESS!! i enjoyed this :3 Daria for the win!
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Haha I just noticed Daria must have slapped Jane's face. Hence the blue print on Jane's face and on Daria's hand lol. Great Job.
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Trent and Tom are like "Yay!"
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lol omg the boys are looking in the window wide eyed to funny love it
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BAHAHAHAHA!!!! that's hilarious :D and so in keeping with their relationship too :D
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love Trent down the bottom - must be a first
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I love Trent in the bottom right corner... hilarious.

Great job.
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<3 Daria, one of the greatest american shows i have seen. Love the fan art ahha Trent and Tom in the background are funny. Great job.
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:) at first I didn't notice the guys spying in
this is pretty clever
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they should be nose-bleeding.
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